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[Hypermol EK] Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction

Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction

Rabbit Skeletal Muscle Alpha Actin


Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction은 형광 IAEDANS - conjugated actin이 native page로 actin ligands와의

상호작용을 시각화하게 합니다. 조추출물 (crude extracts) 또는 반 정제된 단백질을 사용 할 수가 있으며,

항체를 사용하지 않기 때문에 복잡한 과정이 필요가 없으며, 360nm의 UV-table을 이용하여 관찰 할 수 있습니다.



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The Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction facilitates fluorescent IAEDANS- conjugated actin to visualize

interactions with actin ligands by native page. An advantage of this method is that also crude extracts

or semi-purified proteins can be used. The assay leaves the interacting proteins in the natve state

and proofs the existence of a ligand-G-actin complex (see also Actin-Toolkit G-Actin Binding).

As this assay does not require the use of antibodies, results are obtained within a few steps

and can observed using a 360nm UV-table.


The Actin-Toolkit Ligand Interaction contains all necessary components for error-free handling of

the assay: 5x100µg IAEDANS-actin from rabbit skeletal muscle, buffers to keep the actin functional.

A handbook guides through the experimental setup and contains our protocol for the preparation of

native PA gels. The sample buffer (TrackingDye) for native PAGE is included. We guarantee stable

perfromance of all kit components when stored at -70°C upon arrival for 6 months.



  • Fluorescence analysis of native G-actin complexes
  • Works with crude cell or tissue extracts
  • A direct quick step assay without using antibodies to proof actin-ligand interactions


Kit content

- 5 x 100µg IAEDANS-Actin (lyophilized powder)

- 5 x 50ml MonoMix (lyophilized G-actin ATP-buffer)

- 1 x 1.0ml PolyMix 10x stock (lyophilized F-actin ATP-buffer, pH 7.4)

- 1 x 1.0ml TrackingDye

- 1 x Toolkit Handbook Ligand Interaction

- 10 x Black Tubes & Tags 

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Rabbit Skeletal Muscle Alpha Actin



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