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[Biotech Support Group] NuGel Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit


당 단백질 추출 키트, NuGel Glycoprotein Enrichment PBA Kit

- With Phenyl Boronic Acid NuGel™ Matrix


Silica has been an industry standard as an advantageous matrix suitable for high performance liquid

chromatography. With NuGel™, non-specific sites have been virtually eliminated making it an ideal support

for affinity purification. Through a proprietary polymer coating, silica is crosslinked forming a reactive Poly-

Epoxy functionality stable across a wide pH range (pH 2 to 10). From this foundationalchemistry, all of the

NuGel™ affinity products are derived.


The Phenyl Boronic Acid (PBA) ligand is immobilized through the NuGel™ poly-Epoxy linkage with

attachment through the amino group. While various lectins bind to specific saccharide residues, the PBA

ligand binds to the 1,2-cis-diol groups of biomolecules and enriches for heterogeneous sets of glycoproteins

containing both N-linked and O-linked oligosaccharides. An easy and fast spin-filter format makes

glycoproteinenrichment simple starting from 50µl serum, or 1-2 mg total protein.


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• Cis-diol specific, enriches heterogeneous sets of glycoproteins

• Unmasks glycoproteins from high abundance proteins, most notably albumin

• Disposable, no column regeneration or cross-contamination

• Efficient new surface technology ideal for proteomic applications

• Enriches and purifies glycoproteins from blood, serum, plasma, tissue or cell culture media.

• Removes > 90% of serum albumin (the non-glycosylated fraction)

• Sorbitol elution at pH 7.5 – 8.5

• Adaptable to a high-throughput 96-well format



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