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[Helica Biosystems, Inc.] C-Reactive Protein Kits

C-Reactive Protein Kits

혈장이나 혈청 중의 CRP를 민감하면서도 특이적으로 빠르게 분석할 수 있는 kit입니다.

Quantitative ELISA-based test kits for rat C-reactive protein (rCRP), canine CRP (cCRP), human CRP (hsCRP),

mouse CRP (mCRP), primate CRP (pCRP), and rabbit CRP (lCRP) are being offered to assist you in your research

applications. This protein is synthesized in the liver following tissue damage caused by inflammation, infection, or

trauma. It is considered to be an important acute phase marker in such conditions. Each kit contains a calibrator

(affinity purified CRP), a sensitized microplate matched with a HRP-conjugated affinity purified detection antibody,

substrate/TMB chromogen, and wash buffer. A standard curve can be constructed for accurately measuring the

level of CRP in rat, canine, human, or mouse serum, plasma or other fluids and tissues in a total assay time of

30-60 minutes. These test kits can serve as part of a serum protein and cytokine/chemokine panel in many

research applications.



• 96-strip micro-well plate based assay  

• Cost-effective and user-friendly

• High specificity-no cross-reaction between species

• Exquisite sensitivity and reproducibility

• Break-away wells allow low-volume testing

• Standards & Conjugate preserved with proprietary stabilizers

• One year stability & reproducibility of results

• Easy to follow instructions

• Color-coded reagents in convenient, easy to use vials


Detection range


0.12 - 10 ng/mL


1.56 - 25 ng/mL


3.6 - 40 ng/mL


2.5 - 133 ng/mL


0.12 - 10 ng/mL


1.56 - 25 ng/mL


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