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[Lunginnov] ESM-1 ELISA kit, Blood Biomarker in Sepsis, LIK-1101
Lunginnov - DIYEK H1 Blood Biomarker in Sepsis, LIK-1101
Detection kit of circulating endocan, biomarker of endothelial cell activation in severe sepsis
내피 세포 특이적 분자(ESM-1/Endothelial cell Specific Molecule 1)로 알려진 Endocan은 내피 세포에서 발견되고, 구조적으로 혈중을 유리하고 있는 dermatan sulfate proteoglycan(50kDa)입니다. Endocan/ESM-1의 발현은 염증 전구 분자(TNFα, LPS)와 혈관 신생 전구 분자(VEGF와 FGF-2) 등에 의해 up regulation 되어 있습니다. 최근 Endocan/ESM-1는 말단세포(teloblast)의 바이오 마커로 주목 받고 있습니다. 또한 혈중 Endocan/ESM-1의 상승은 패혈증과 같은 폐 및 신장암 환자에서도 볼 수 있다는 보고도 있습니다.

From 100 ul of biological fluids(sera, plasma, vitreous, etc) or in human cell culture supernatants, one may be able to :
- evaluate endothelial cell activation/inflammation/dysfuction in severe sepsis.
- follow endothelial cell activation/inflammation/dysfuction in patients.
- evaluate endothelial cell response activation in presence of pharmacological compounds.

* Indication : severe sepsis

Endocan also called endothelial cell specic molecule 1(ESM-1), is a unique biomarker of activated endothelium(1,2,3). The secretion of endocan/ESM-1 by endothelial cells has been shown to be upregulated in presence of pro-angiogenic molecules such as VEGF, in presence of pro-inflammatory molecules such as TNF alpha, IL-1 beta or in presence of LPS(2,4).

The expression of endocan/ESM-1 appeared as a pertinent biomarker of poor prognosis in severe sepsis(5).
Blood levels of endocan/ESM-1 are increased in patients suffering from severe sepsis and was shown to be associated with the severity and fatal outcome of septic states(4,5,6,7).

With DIY ELISA kit EndoMark H1(LIK-1101), samples of serum and/or plasma can be analyzed in alllaboratories with standard equipment for ELISA assays.

Main features of the DIY ELISA kit EndoMark H1(LIK-1101)
- Quantify human endocan in serum and/or plasma
- Highly reproducible method
- Monoclonal antibodies for the capture and the detection of human endocan
- All components can be stored at 4°C
- Incubations are at room temperature
- Requires only standard ELISA equipment
- Sandwich ELISA using two monoclonal affinity-purified antibodies
- To detect human and monkey endocan/ESM-1
- Linearity : 0.4 to 10 ng/ml
- Limit of Detection : 0.2 ng/ml
- Limit of quantification : 0.4 ng/ml

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* For research purpose only.