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[Bayou Biolabs] Recombinant Enzymes
Recombinant Enzymes
milligram to multi-gram scale
Purity: All recombinant enzymes are purified chromatographically to achieve a high percentage purity. Enzymes are
typically greater than 90% purity. The recombinant clones used to make the enzymes have been DNA sequence to confirm
identity to the wild type enzyme (ensuring that the recombinant enzymes have no mutations). We do not assay enzymes for
contaminating enzymes. Therefore, the customer should test the suitability of an enzyme for a particular application on a
small scale prior to purchasing a bulk quantity of a lot. The enzymes produced by Bayou Biolabs are provided to customer
"as is" without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and without any other warranty, express
or implied..
Supplied: Enzymes are supplied in glycerol buffer. Enzymes are shipped on dry ice at customer’s expense. Please see the
table below for enzymes currently available.
Bulk quantities: Bulk quantities are available at low cost. Standard bulk quantities are 100 mg, 500 mg, 1 gram, 5 grams,
and 10 grams. We can also package any bulk quantity specified by customer. We have capability for scaling up to produce
batches of several hundred grams. Please contact customer service for price and availability.
Custom production:
We can custom produce milligram to multiple gram quantities of any protein or enzyme. In general,
we use high fidelity PCR to amplify the gene of interest and clone the gene in our proprietary expression vector. We
recommend using polyhistidine tags to facilitate enzyme purification, although we can also produce native and GST tagged
proteins. Several recombinant clones are selected for DNA sequencing to obtain a clone with no mutations. Fermentation of
the desired clone is performed at the desired scale (8 liters, 16 liters, 100 liters, 400 liters, 800 liters), and the protein is
purified chromatographically according to the customer’s specifications, in order to obtain desired purity. Production can
be customized to accommodate customer needs. Please contact customer service for a price quote.
Ordering informations
Catalog No.
Product Name
DNA Gyrase, E. coli
1 mg
T4 DNA Ligase, phage T4
10 mg
DNA Polymerase I holoenzyme, E. coli
1 mg
Pyruvate Kinase, type F, E. coli
10 mg
Exonuclease I, E. coli
10 mg
Exonuclease III, E. coli
10 mg
Adenylate Kinase, E. coli
10 mg
Pyrophosphatase, Inorganic, E. coli
10 mg
Uridine Phosphorylase, E. coli
10 mg
Thymidine Phosphorylase, E. coli
10 mg
Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase, E. coli
10 mg
Topoisomerase I, E. coli
1 mg
T7 Exonuclease, phage T7
1 mg
Polynucleotide Kinase-3’-Phosphatase, human
10 mg
T4 Lysozyme, phage T4
10 mg
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, phage T4
10 mg
T4 RNA Ligase, phage T4
10 mg
T4 DNA Polymerase, phage T4
1 mg
Glucokinase, E. coli
10 mg
Galactokinase, E. coli
10 mg
Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase, E. coli
10 mg
Acetate Kinase, E. coli
10 mg
Glycerol Kinase, E. coli
10 mg
NAD Kinase, E. coli
10 mg
DNA Ligase, E. coli
10 mg
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