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[Fortiusbio LLC] RNASound™ New Blood RNA Cards
RNASound™ New Blood RNA Cards
Blood RNA stable at room temperature for one week !
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RNASound™ RNA cards unprecedentedly preserve blood RNA at room temperature or higher.
Figure. 10 uL of fresh huamn blood were applied on general Whatman filter paper, or RNASound™ Blood RNA card, and
incubated at 37 °C for 12 hours. Sample area on each type of paper card were cut out, and immersed in 350 uL of lysis
buffer of RNeasy kit, shaken at 37 °C for 30 min in a thermomixer rotating at 1200 rpm. further RNeasy RNA kit protocol
were followed and RNA were eluted in 50uL water. 6uL of elution were used for one step RT-PCR for GAPDH mRNA
detection. Results demonstrated significantly improved RNA recovery and detection on RNASound™ Blood RNA card after
incubated at 37 °C for 12 hours.
Filter paper impregnated with proprietary lysis buffer for:
• Immediate inactivating and thus safe handling of infectious agents
• Room temperature RNA sample collection; storage and transportation
Blood RNA Cards
Applying biological samples onto plain filter paper (dried blood spot sampling) or lysis buffer impregnated filter paper
(FTA card) has proven to be useful and convenient in DNA sample storage and transportation, however, RNA sample
stabilization requires much harsher enzymatic inhibitors.
RNASound™ RNA Sampling Cards are filter paper that impregnated with proprietary lysis buffer that releases RNA from
sample and stabilizes them on filter paper for prolonged storage and transportation at room temperature(patent
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