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[Biotech Support Group] Virus and Viral Component Isolation
ViraPrep™ Lambda & Mammal / Viraffinity™
Virus and Viral Component Isolation
ViraPrep™ Lambda
λDNA를 정제하는 kit
Virus 결합시약 Viraffinity을 이용하여 λDNA를 90분 내에 간편하게 정제할 수 있는 kit 입니다. 정제한 λDNA는 에탄올
침전으로 회수합니다.
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  • Complete DNA purification kit includes Viraffinity™, conditioning buffer, RNase and lysis buffer.
  • Extremely rapid and simple-to-use. The entire protocol is complete in less than 1.5 hours
  • Phage coat proteins and exonuclease remain bound to the polymer surface
  • Non-hazardous, no polyethylene glycol
ViraPrep™ Mammal
Virus를 농축, 정제하는 kit
Viraffinity에  mammal virus와 billion의 정제에 필요한 버퍼를 조합한 kit입니다.
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  • Protocols less than 90 minutes
  • Kits contain all conditioning and elution buffers for binding and elution of viruses
  • Compatible with detergents and chaotropes
  • No ultracentrifugation required
Virus를 농축, 정제하는 시약
바이러스와 그 구성물을, 다수의 전하를 갖는 수용성 중합체의 표면에 결합시켜 정제하는 시약입니다. 결합시킨 pellet을
시료에 따라 pH를 조절한 버퍼를 이용하여 용출, 정제합니다.
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  • Purifies whole infectious non-enveloped virus & non-infectious enveloped virus
  • Isolates antigenic virions, enveloped and non-enveloped
  • Enriches for viral nucleic acids
  • Prepares viral samples for subsequent detection and analysis
Viraffinity™ is a unique water-insoluble elastomeric polyelectrolyte that has been engineered for the capture and
recovery of viruses. Applications include: purification of whole infectious non-enveloped virus, virions, viral components,
and sample preparation for subsequent detection and analysis. Viraffinity™ is directly added to the sample that is then
mixed and centrifuged. The centrifuged pellet contains polyelectrolyte-bound viruses that can then be recovered using a moderately alkaline pH solution. Viraffinity™ is supplied as a suspension reagent ready for use. Simply pipette the
suspension into the sample at the appropriate ratio, typically 1 volume of Viraffinity™; to 4 volumes sample. Viraffinity™ is
also supplied as the enabling component of the ViraPrep™ application kits.
Ordering informations
Catalog No.
Product Name
ViraPrep™ Lambda
5 & 25, 150mm plate lysates
ViraPrep™ Mammal
Up to 40ml total virus sample volume
15ml, 50ml & 100ml
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