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[Bayou Biolabs] A Breakthrough in DNA Repair, Repair-It™
A Breakthrough in DNA Repair
Description: Repair-It™ is a proprietary mixture of highly purified enzymes which has extensive DNA repair capabilities.
Repair-It™ is capable of making the following DNA repairs:
(a) repairs virtually all single strand nicks in double stranded DNA.
(b) repairs virtually all single strand gaps in double stranded DNA.
(c) repairs apurinic/apyrimidinic sites.
(d) converts the ends of double stranded DNA to blunt ends.
Applications: Repair-It™ may be used for any application which requires repairing DNA to produce double stranded DNA
without any single strand nicks, gaps, or apurinic sites. Thus, it may be useful for cloning applications, DNA repair
research, or repairing DNA which is degraded over time. Repair-It™ may be used to convert open circular plasmid to
relaxed covalently closed circular form. Repair-It™ may be used to produce blunt ended DNA. Repair-It™ will not nick
DNA, and will not phosphorylate or dephosphorylate DNA termini. This kit contains sufficient reagents for repairing
150 mg of DNA. A typical reaction is incubated at 37 degrees for 1 hour to effect complete DNA repair. We recommend
reading the product information sheet (link below) prior to purchase.
Supplied: Repair-It™ is supplied with sufficient 40X buffer and 40X nucleotide solution..
Low Price: Repairs 150 mg of DNA for only $150.
Shipping: wet ice.
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repairs 150 mg DNA
repairs 750 mg DNA
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