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[Fortiusbio LLC] RNA 시료의 추출 및 보존용 용해 버퍼 첨가 시약
RNA 시료의 추출 및 보존용 용해 버퍼 첨가 시약, RNASound™ Lysis Additive
시료의 용해 및 용해 후 lysate 상태의 RNA 시료의 보존에 최적인 버퍼용 첨가 시약입니다. RNase 저해물질을 포함하고 있기
때문에, lysate 중의 RNA의 분해를 방지 할 수 있습니다. 또한 lysate 상태의 RNA 시료의 보존에도 적합합니다.
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• Spike in common chaotropic agent based lysis buffer
• Further inhibt RNase activities in tissue/Cell lysates
• Stabilize RNA in lysates for long storage or transportation
• Enable RNA-containing sample store and transport in lysates
Even with the highest concentration of strongest protein denaturants (e.g. chaotropic agent) in lysis buffer of RNA
extraction kits, RNA still undergo constant degradation in tissue lysates. We identified some RNase inhibitory compounds
(RNASound™ reagent) that when spiked into common chaotropic agent based lysis buffer, significantly protect RNA
stability in lysates [Patent Pending]. The effects were tested and verified with multiple currently available chaotropic
agent based RNA kits(see Figure below).
클릭하시면 닫힙니다.이미지 저장을 원하시면 마우스 오른쪽클릭후 '다른이름으로 저장'을 하세요
Figure. Simply 1:25 spiked into lysis buffer of your choice, RNASound™ reagent significatnly enhances RNA stability in
lysates. 20 mg mouse liver were homogenized in lysis buffer from different RNA extraction kits with or without
RNASound™ reagent and incubated at 37C for indicated durations. RNA were purified using corresponding RNA kit
and ran on Agilent nano chip, RIN numbers were plotted.
RNASound™ reagent facilitates the processing of large number of samples at once without compromising RNA integrity;
it also enables easy processing of RNA containing samples on spot and right away; enables easy storage and
transportation of RNA containing samples.
* RNASound™ RNA Lysis buffer Additives are not intended to be used with phenol based lysis buffer.
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