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[Biotech Support Group] Lipid adsorption and clarification reagent, Cleanascite™
Lipid adsorption and clarification reagent
각종 분석용 시료를 조제하는 시약입니다. 생체시료 중의 cell debris와 lipoprotein, 점착성의 불순물 등을 특이적으로 제거하여, 항체 및 재조합 단백질, 당 단백질, 핵산 등의 정제와 특히, 복수와 혈청, 세포배양 상층액, 담즙, tissue homogenate의 청정화에 매우 유용합니다. 시약을 추가하여 간단한 조작을 실시하는 것만으로 목적의 처리가 완료됩니다. 또한 시약의 양을 시료에 따라 조절 할 수 있기 때문에 경제적입니다.
Cleanascite™ selectively removes lipids, cell debris, lipoproteins, floating fats, impurities from Cohn paste, transgenic milk,
egg yolk and biological samples for pretreatment of samples prior to purification. The reagent is a solid-phase, non-ionic
adsorbent supplied as a suspension in saline, ready for use. Simply add, centrifuge and/or filter. The clarified supernatant
is ready for subsequent downstream processing or analysis.
• A high binding capacity for lipids with minimal cross-reactivity with proteins
• Effectively replaces chlorinated/fluorinated hydrocarbons (eg. freon) and it is environmentally friendly.
• Helps purify antibodies, recombinant proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans
• Ideal for clarifying ascites, serum, cell & tissue culture, bile and organ homogenates
• Clarifies saliva and fecal components
• Very low protein binding
• Does not bind to DNA, RNA, enzymes and proteins
• Leaves glycoproteins, antibodies, nucleic acids, hemoglobin, proteoglycans, nucleic acids, serum components(such as
  hormones, nutrients, globulins, clotting factors, transport proteins) alone
• Extends the life of membrane and chromatographic columns.
• Enrichment of delipidated tissue samples
• Ideal for delipidation treatments for downstream processing of large-scale therapeutic proteins, enzymes and
  monoclonal antibodies.
Egg Yolk After (Left) and Before (Right) Treatment With Cleanascite™
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Cohn Paste
Cell Lysates3
Tissue Culture6
Organ Homogenates
Egg Yolk
Transgenic Milk
  in the purification and analysis of antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids, proteoglycans, and other macromolecules
Ordering informations
Catalog No.
Product Name
400 ml sample can be processed
4 liters sample can be processed
16 liters sample can be processed
64 liters sample can be processed
* Based on Cleanascite™ to Sample typical volume ratio. Volume ratio may be adjusted according to lipid levels.
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