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[MTTI] Vascular leakage imaging에 적합한 형광 Tracer-653
Vascular leakage imaging에 적합한 형광 색소 Tracer-653
진홍의 형광을 발하는 수용성 형광색소로, 비특이적이고 수동적으로 혈관에 분배되기 때문에 혈관과 vascular leakage
imaging에 사용할 수 있습니다. Blood vessel brain barrier(BBB)의 손상 확인에 적합합니다.
  • High chemical and photochemical stability
  • Very low tissue uptake in living mice
  • Deep red emission
  • Rapid renal clearance and low phototoxicity
  • Resistance to self-quenching
  • Low affinity for albumin
  • Strong pH-independent brightness over the pH range 6-10
  • Compatible with longer λ probes for simultaneous 2-color in vivo imaging
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Tracer-653 Versus Evans Blue Stain for Imaging BBB integrity
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Figure 3 shows the comparison between Evans Blue which is routinely used to monitor BBB disruption in animal models,
and Tracer-653 accumulation into cryoinjured mouse brains. Ex vivo fluorescence images of Evans Blue and Tracer-653 in brains excised from mice that were dosed with probe either 6 h (Day 0) or 3 days (Day 3) after cryoinjury. The smaller
effective size of Tracer-653 likely allows it to permeate into areas that are not accessible by the Evans-Blue-albumin
complex, thus increasing the area of tissue that is stained by Tracer-653.
Formulation Procedure
Add 1mL of PBS to dissolve the blue solid in vial and Inject 100uL per 25g mouse.
1. Cole E et. al. Water-soluble, deep-red fluorescent squarainerotaxanes. Organic &Biomolecular Chemistry 2012,
2. Smith BA Multicolor fluorescence imaging of traumatic brain injury in a cryolesion mouse model. ACS Chemical
   Neuroscience 2012, 3:530-537.
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