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[Bayou Biolabs] Supercoil-It™, A Breakthrough in Plasmid Purification
A Breakthrough in Plasmid Purification
The Supercoil-It plasmid purification system produces virtually 100% supercoiled plasmid from any plasmid preparation,
regardless of the initial percentage of open circular plasmid, plasmid size, plasmid sequence, and plasmid source. This is
accomplished by enzymatically converting virtually all open circular plasmid to supercoiled plasmid. Because this technology is based on enzymatic conversion, and not separation of open circular plasmid from supercoiled plasmid, there is no loss of
plasmid in the Supercoil-It purification reaction. Supercoil-It is NOT for use in purifying plasmid for human therapeutic
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Ethidium bromide stained agarose gel.
 lane 1 - supercoiled ladder (Bayou Biolabs catalog # L-301)
 lane 2 - plasmid preparation before Supercoil-It purification (about 50% supercoiled)
 lane 3 - plasmid preparation after Supercoil-It HS purification (virtually 100% supercoiled)
 lane 4 - plasmid preparation after Supercoil-It MS purification (virtually 100% supercoiled)
Two Versions
Supercoil-It is sold in two versions: HS and MS. Supercoil-It HS does not contain topoisomerase I. Supercoil-It HS
produces highly supercoiled plasmid which is supercoiled by DNA gyrase to its thermodynamic limit. Supercoil-It MS does
contain topoisomerase I. Supercoil-It MS produces moderately supercoiled plasmid.
Both Supercoil-It HS and Supercoil-It MS are supplied with sufficient 20X Supercoil-It Buffer. Instructions for use are
Low Price
Purifies 150 mg of plasmid for only $200.
Patent Pending
Supercoil-It is patent pending worldwide
Ordering informations
Catalog No.
Product Name
 Supercoil-It HS, purifies 150 mg plasmid
Supercoil-It HS, purifies 750 mg plasmid
Supercoil-It MS, purifies 150 mg plasmid
Supercoil-It MS, purifies 750 mg plasmid
20X Supercoil-It Buffer, 12.5 ml
* Supercoil-It™ is a trademark of Edward David Hyman
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