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[Immagina Biotechnology] UDI Plates LACEseq


UDI Plates LACEseq


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iUDI Plate LACEseq unique dual index plate contains unique dual-indexed PCR primers for amplification of

indexed Illumina®-compatible NGS libraries. These unique, dual-indexed primers can be used with our

LACEseq NGS Ribo-seq kits to generate Illumina-compatible multiplexed libraries.

iUDI Plate LACEseq contains indexed PCR primers and offer up to 16 pair unique dual indexes formultiplexing

up to 16 or 24 samples. The 16/24 indexed PCR primers are supplied pre-dispensed in 96-wells PCR plate

(Cat. Number #LS-UDI-001-16, Cat. Number #LS-UDI-002-24 and Cat. Number #LS-UDI 003-24). Each dual

index is provided in sufficient amounts for two reactions.

All indexes have been functionally validated to work with Illumina sequencing systems using two- or four

channel chemistry for base calling.


This product is also available in combined sets


PAGE Gel Extraction kit

RiboLace Module 1 kit


 ImmaginaExampleImmagina_SampleSheet (Excel)

 iUDIPlate LACEseq Protocol new version (PDF)

 Cutadapt LACEseq (PDF)



Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



iUDI Plate LACEseq set 1

16 rxns


iUDI Plate LACEseq set 2

24 rxns


iUDI Plate LACEseq set 3

24 rxns



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