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[Wako Pure Chemical] Endotoxin & Peptidoglycan measurement system


Toxinometer ET-7000

Endotoxin & Peptidoglycan measurement system


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The Toxinometer® ET-7000 is a computer-operated kinetic incubating tube reader, which is exceptionally

user-friendly and easily expandable. Depending on the number of samples to be processed, our state of the

art expansion modules can be connected to allow for endotoxin testing in a wide range of fields and sample

quantities. The temperature setting can be switched between 30 and 37 ℃, facilitating (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan

and peptidoglycan test for research projects.



• Supports "the Bacterial Endotoxin Test" in the United States / European / Japanese Pharmacopoeias.

• For use in Kinetic-Turbidimetric, Kinetic-Chromogenic, and Gel-Clot assays.

• Can be controlled and analyzed with the dedicated software "Toximaster® QC" form Windows® PC.

• Conforms to the international certification standards for C-UL (CSA) and CE.

• Systems comply with the FDA21 CFR Part 11 are also available.



• Light source : High intensity blue LED (Central wavelength: 430 nm)

• Temperature control : 30/37 ℃(Set using the software)

• Measurement time : Max. 200 min.


Toxinometer® Measurement Principle

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Light from an LED goes through the reaction tube filled with reaction mixture via aperture diaphragm 1. The

light passes through the reaction mixture and then, while coming through aperture diaphragm 2, is detected

by the silicon photocell.


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Toxinometer® translates the reaction of the LAL reagent with endotoxin into changes in the light intensity

transmitted at 430 nm. The light intensity remains constant for a while after the start of reaction, but gradually

decreases as the reaction proceeds, and stops upon completion of the reaction.

The ratio of the light intensity l(t) to the light intensity at an early stage of reaction lo is defined as R(t), and

the threshold R(th) of R(t) is determined. Based on this, Toxinometer® reads the period from the start of the

reaction to the point at which R(t) reaches R(th) as the gelation time Tg or the activation time Ta.

R(t) = [l(t)/lo] x 100 %



A correlation between the endotoxin concentration and gelation time (Tg) is obtained, and the endotoxin

concentration is calculated using the gelation time of a sample.

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Protocol settings

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Easy to ! Once you create a protocol, you can start a measurement immediately.


Time course graph

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Enables visual confirmation of measurement status.You can predict results and prepare the next steps.


 Standard curve

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Conveniently monitored!All information can be seen on one screen.


Ordering informations


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Toxinometer® ET-7000/E Part11 Set



Toxinometer® ET-7000/E Non-Part11 Set




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