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[ImmuSmol] HomoArginine ELISA kit


HomoArginine ELISA kit


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HomoArginine (hArg) is a basic non-essential amino acid that exerts beneficial effects on vascular

homeostasis, more likely through the increase of nitric oxide (NO) that can be explained through two

mechanisms since hArg i) serves as a precursor of NO and ii) favors the elevation of L-Arg - main substrate

of NO synthase - by inhibiting the enzyme Arginase.


The homoArginine (hArg) ELISA kit allows for the determination of hArg in serum and plasma samples

working with a sample volume of 20μL. The kit is easy to implement and well suited for both preclinical and

clinical studies.


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Typical standard curve of Homoarginine ELISA Standard curve obtained with the hArg ELISA kit. In

this competitive enzyme Immunoassay, optical density is inversely correlated with hArg levels within a linear

range of 0.32 - 12.5µM.




96-well plate


Serum & plasma  

Minimal sample volume;

20  µl


React with all species

Standard range;

0.32 - 12.5 µM


125 nM



No significant cross-reactivity was observed with L-Arginine, Agmatine, L-Citruline, L-Ornithine, ADMA and SDMA.

Assay time;

Sample preparation 3h and ELISA overnight


Store at 2 ~ 8°C for to 6 months.


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Cross-validation of Homoarginine ELISA and LC/MS data in human plasma sampleshArg was

quantified in human plasma samples from 40 healthy subjects either using IS-I-0500 ELISA kit or by liquid

chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Correlation coefficient of 0.964 confirms the accuracy of the



Instruction sheet (PDF)



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HomoArginine ELISA kit

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