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[G-Biosciences] GET viral nucleic acid

GET viral nucleic acid


GET™ Viral Nucleic Acid belongs to our series of kits based on Genomic Efficient Technology (GET) for

purification of nucleic acids from diverse sample.


GET™ is based on a highly efficient Genomic lysis buffer that liberates nucleic acid from cellular protein

complexes, making nucleic acids free and available for purification in pure form. Free nucleic acids are

immobilized, in the presence of high concentration of chaotropic agents, on silica solid phase membrane.

Following the capture of nucleic acid on the silica membrane, a series of washing steps removes interfering

impurities. In the final step, pure nucleic acid is eluted in concentratedform with elution buffer.



• Rapidly and efficiently isolates virus nucleic acid in cell free biological samples containing virus such as

  serum, plasma and nasal swabs

Efficient Technology: Optimized Slica spin column design with optimized buffers for high yield and purity

High Pure DNA and RNA: The nucleic acid extracted is highly pure and can be directly used for

  downstream applications such as PCR , RT-PCR, qPCR for virus detection or virus load, and virus


No hamful organic compounds such as phenol or chloroform used  during purification.


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Purifies viral DNA and RNA from cell free biological samples.

• Suitable for PCR studies for virus detection, virus load, and virus genotyping.


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