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[HansaBioMed Life Sciences] Lyophilized and purified exosomes from cell culture medium


Lyophilized and purified exosomes from cell culture medium


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 Quantity per vial ;


30 µg (number of particles in 30 µg: > 1x108)



100 µg (number of particles in 100 µg: > 1x1010)

Storage of lyophilized exosomes ;


Store up to 3 years at 4°C (Expire date indicated on the label).

Storage of reconstituted exosomes ;


Stored at -20°C for up to one month or at -80°C for up to 6 months.



Recommended to avoid repeated freeze-and-thraw cycles.



• Assay calibration

• Control (spike-in) for exosome quantification

• Protein marker analysis with different techinques

• Extraction and analysis of exosome nucleic acid

• Standardized positive controls for immunocapture performance evaluation

• Flow cytometry

• Electron microscopy


  Leaflet (PDF)



Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



 COLO-1 (human colon carcinoma cell line)

  30 μg x 2 vials,

  30 μg x 5 vials,

 100 μg x 2 vials &

 100 μg x 5 vials


 MM-1 (human melanoma cell line)


 HT29 (human colon carcinoma)


 HCT116 (human colon carcinoma cell line)


 U87MG (human glioblastoma cell line)


 SK-N-SH (human neuroblastoma cell line)


 PC3 cell line (human prostate adenocarcinoma grade IV)


 LnCAP cell line (human prostate adenocarcinoma)


 NCI-H1975 cell line (lung adenocarcinoma non-small cells)


 A549 cell line (lung carcinoma)


 K-562 cell line (pleural effusion, leukemia chronic myelogenous)


 B16F10 mouse cell line (mouse melanoma cell line)


 HEK293 cell line (human embryonic kidney)


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