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[HansaBioMed Life Sciences] Fluorescent labeled Microvesicles


Fluorescent labeled Microvesicles 


Quantity per vial


Number of particles in 50 µg: > 1x10^8



- 20°C up to 6 months. Avoid freezing and thawing cycles.

Fluorescent label type


Membrane lipid dye (penetrates into exosome membrane).

Spectrum data


Excitation maximum from 500 nm to 650 nm.



Emission maximum from 510 to 665 nm.



• Fluorescence microscopy.

• Flow cytometry.

• Electron microscopy. 


Available cell lines

• A549 cell line

• COLO-1 cell line

• HCT116 cell line

• K-562 cell line



Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



Fluorescent labeled Microvesicle, A549 cell line

50 µg


Fluorescent labeled Microvesicle, COLO-1 cell line


Fluorescent labeled Microvesicle, HCT116 cell line


Fluorescent labeled Microvesicle, K-562 cell line



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