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[Immudex ApS] Cancer-Testis Antigen Dextramer Collection 1


Dextramer Packages, Cancer-Testis Antigen Dextramer Collection 1

Detecting cancer-specific immunity


Cancer-Testis antigens  (CTA) constitute a family of proteins that exhibit a remarkably restricted expression

in gametogenic tissue and are therefore not exposed to the systemic immune system. This means that no

immunological tolerance is established. CTA are over-expressed and cellular immune responses have been

reported in patients with a variety of tumors. CTA-specific immunity can be determined by detection of CD8+

CTA-specific T cells in peripheral blood and in tumor biopsies.  



• Accurate quantification of Cancer-specific T cells

• Specific, sensitive, reproducible

• Applicable on blood, HPBMC, tissue sections



The Cancer-testis Antigens Dextramer Collection 1 is useful for detection and isolation of cancer-specific

CD8+ T cells in a variety of applications:

• Monitoring of pre-existing immunity

• Monitoring of induced immunity

• Testing of CTA-specific vaccines

• Profiling of CTA-specific T-cell responses

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The Cancer-Testis Antigens Dextramer Collection 1 consists of Dextramers displaying epitopes from 3

different Cancer-Testis antigens; NY-ESO-1, MAGE-A3 and MAGE-A1. The collection also includes a

negative control Dextramer.

Each Dextramer specificity in the collection is provided as a PE- and APC conjugate, allowing  double

staining of each cell sample to better resolve positive from negative cell populations.


  Kit components


 Catalog No.







25 tests




25 tests




25 tests




25 tests




25 tests




25 tests


 HLA-A*0201 / Negative Control-PE


25 tests


 HLA-A*0201 / Negative Control-APC


25 tests


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Cancer-Testis Antigen Dextramer® Collection

25 tests each



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