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[Aurion] GAR and GAM IgG 2nm immunogold reagents


GAR and GAM IgG 2nm immunogold reagents


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After an extensive period of product research we are proud to announce the introduction of 2nm gold

nanoparticle conjugated Goat-anti-Rabbit IgG and Goat-anti-Mouse IgG. Results in test laboratories around

the world have shown that this new series of immunogold reagents have the capacity to fill the gap between

Aurion's unique ultra-small gold reagents and the conventional sized 6-25nm gold conjugates.



• Monodisperse size population

• Coefficient of variance < 15%

• For pre- & post-embedding labeling

• Direct visualization in EM optional

• Homogeneous silver enhancement

• EM applications; use R-Gent SE-EM

• LM/bio-assays use R-Gent SE-LM


Aurion 2nm conjugated GAR and GAM IgG are prepared using a monodisperse size population of 2nm gold

nanoparticles. Due to its small gold nanoparticle size, labeling density with these Aurion 2nm Immuno Gold

Reagents is significantly higher compared to particle density obtained with comparable Conventional Immuno

Gold Reagents. This makes these 2nm immunogold conjugates especially suited for detection of low copy

numbers of antigen. For more information I refer tothe product sheet.


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Fig. 1. Typical size distribution AURION of 2nm Immunogold Reagents


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Fig. 2. Post embedding immunolabeling: Detection of Lamp2 on Tokuyasu sections of 4% PFA fixed HeLa

cells using AURION GAM IgG 2nm and AURION R-Gent SE-EM Courtesy of M. Mari, UMCG & RUG,

Molecular Cell Biology, Groningen, The Netherlands


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Fig. 3. Pre-embedding labeling on 2%PFA/GA fixed and freeze thaw permeabilized organotypic cultured brain

slices using rabbit anti GFP, AURION GAR 2nm and R-Gent SE-EM. Courtesy of Y. Sun, D. Guerrero-Given

and N. Kamasawa; EM Core Facility, Max Planck Florida, Institute for Neuroscience, Jupiter, FL USA



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Catalog No.

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Goat-anti-Rabbit IgG (H&L), 2nm

0.4 ml


1.0 ml


Goat-anti-Mouse IgG (H&L), 2nm

0.4 ml


1.0 ml



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