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Visikol HISTO, simplify tissue clearing



Adopt tissue clearing into your research quickly and easily.


We have developed Visikol® HISTO™ as the first commercially available, easy-to-use, non-

destructive and rapid 3D histology platform. With Visikol HISTO you are able to visualize

biological tissues in 3D by pairing the rapid clearing of Visikol HISTO with fluorescent labeling.





• Rapid tissue clearing

• Easy-to-use

• No special equipment required

• Compatible with IF, FP and other fluorescent labels

• Affordable for all researchers

• Customized protocols for all applications

• Reversible for follow up 2D H&E/IHC

• Non-destructive to morphology



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Mouse brain labeled for anti Zika


Mouse Prostate tumor vasculature


Mouse brain labeled with NeuN & DAPI

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클릭하시면 닫힙니다.이미지 저장을 원하시면 마우스 오른쪽클릭후 '다른이름으로 저장'을 하세요


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Healthy mammary tissue


Owl brain connectomics


Mammary tumor labeled with Ki67



Why Visikol HISTO for tissue clearing?

There are several tissue clearing techniques that have been developed over the last few years

each of which have unique advantages and disadvantages. However, the adoption of tissue

clearing into research as a reliable tool for bio-imaging has been rather limited, as each

technique requires specific adaptations for differing tissue types, labels, fixation methods,

imaging modalitiesand custom microscope objectives.

Visikol Inc. has developed the Visikol HISTO technology in collaboration with over 400

research labs across the US and EU, and have built the Visikol HISTO Protocol Guidebook to

ensure that tissue clearing is easy to adopt for all applications. Visikol HISTO is easy-to-use,

rapid, and affordable. Furthermore, Visikol HISTO provides reversible clearing, which means

that 3D data can be validated against traditionalhistology.



Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



Visikol HISTO Starter Kit



Visikol HISTO Solution 1 & 2 Combo

10ml each


Visikol HISTO Solution 1 & 2 Combo

30ml each


Visikol HISTO Solution 1 & 2 Combo

100ml each


Visikol HISTO-1

30 ml


Visikol HISTO-1

100 ml


Visikol HISTO-2

30 ml


Visikol HISTO-2

100 ml


* Components of In Starter kit are combined with Visikol HISTO-1, 30 ml & Visikol HISTO-2,

  30 ml with the five pre-treatment solutions,

- Visikol HISTO Penetration Buffer

- Visikol HISTO Washing Buffer 10X  

- Visikol HISTO Blocking Buffer

- Visikol HISTO Antibody Buffer

- Visikol HISTO Permeabilization Buffer

  required to process tissue for immunolabeling.  All you need to do is add your immunolabels

  and nuclear stains.

  This kit comes with enough material to process four whole mouse brains (approx. 2 grams

  of tissue)



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