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[BrainXell] BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement


BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement

Medium supplement to accelerate neuronal maturation



BrainXell’s BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement is a proprietary combination of small molecules that is

used to accelerate the differentiation of neural progenitor cells to mature neurons. It is effective with a variety

of neuronal subtypes including, but not limited to, motor neurons, glutamatergic neurons, and GABAergic



BrainFast Neuronal Maturation Supplement will have neural progenitors matured within one to two weeks.



Efficient differentiation


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Neuronal progenitors quickly and efficiently become neurons with use of BrainFast . As can be seen in the

example above, virtually no SOX1+ progenitors remain after seven days whereas abundant MAP2+ neurons

are present. The left column shows cells treated with BrainFast, and the right shows control cells.



Rapid neuronal muturation


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Neurons rapidly express mature markers within the first week and bigin to display functional activity within

ten days. As can be seen above, both spinal motor and cortical glutamatergic neurons express the pan-

neuronal marker β-III tubulin and the presynaptic marker synapsin.



BrainFast is packaged as  two 250 µL vials of 1000X supplement, which is sufficient to treat at least 15 multi-

well plates. With two additions (three for long-term cultures) neurons will begin to mature with high

penetration and minimal cell death.



  Protocol (PDF)

  Poster_Rapid Maturation of Human Neurons (PDF)



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