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[BrainXell] Mixed Cortical Neurons


Mixed Cortical Neurons



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BrainXell focuses on human neural cells for therapeutic development. It is based on the proprietary

technology for directed differentiation of human stem cells (including induced pluripotent stem cells) to highly

enriched subclasses of neural progenitors, expansion of committed neural progenitors to large quantities,

and rapid maturation to functional neurons and glia. BrainXell's goal is to make our brain healthy and well.



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Rapid muturation

All neurons are sullied with proprietary, multi-component maturation supplements that allow most

experiments to begin within one week.



BrainXell's Mixed Cortical Neurons include glutamatergic neurons and GABAergic neurons that have been

independently derived from iPSCs. Following generation of the highly pure cortical neurons, a mixture of 80%

glutamatergic and 20% GABAergic neurons is created to mimic the ratio found in many regions of the cortex.

• Neuronal Purity: >90%

• Time to Use: 7-14 Days

• 5 Million vialble Cells

• 80/20 ratio of Glut and GABA

• GFP Reporter Available (BX-0501)



  Culture Protocol (PDF)



Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



Mixed Cortical Neurons

5 Million Cells/Vial


Mixed Cortical Neurons _GFP expressed

5 Million Cells/Vial



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