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[Qualiplante] bCUBE®, 과실수의 질병검사를 현장에서



bCUBE®, 과실수의 질병검사를 현장에서

a miniaturized device for the analysis of nucleic acid



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The bCUBE® is a miniaturized, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. It allows user to run

both temperature cycles and isothermal analysis, enabling a wide array of DNA and RNA detection methods

such as qPCR, isothermal amplifications, etc… The bCUBE® is programming and managing directly by





Portable and miniaturized, fast DNA/RNA amplification and detection

Robust, compact, lightweight for “in the field” operation

High precision thermal control

Performing Isothermal Amplification, Real Time PCR and Melting Curves

Simultaneous multi wavelength detection

Fully controllable with a Smartphone through bAPP®

Easy-to-use: only 2H of training, non specialized users

Cloud storage with bDATA®





105 x 105 x 160 mm

Weight :

1.500 g

Interfaces Comm.:

Bluetooth, Ethernet (wireless and cable)

Sample number:

9 samples on standard cartridge, up to 49 on custom cartridges

Sample volume:

10 to 45 µl (9 wells cartridge) *

Light source:

High brightness LEDs – 2 wavelengths. Upgradable to 4

Excitation wavelengths:

472 and 530 nm **

Optical Detection:

High resolution, low noise CMOS Camera (5MP)

Acquisition time:

< 1s – Total time for all samples

Detected wavelengths:

556 nm and 524 nm **

Thermal Block:

Peltier module for heating and cooling

Temperature sensor:

High precision NTC resistor

Temperature resolution:

< 0.05 °C

Temperature uniformity:

± 0.1 °C

Temperature control range:

20 – 99 °C

Temperature ramp:

Up to 3 °C/s

Power supply:

12 V – DC

Power consumption Max:

60W – Average 20W

* Actual sample volume required may depend on the specific analytical kit.

** Custom optical design possible upon request, up to four wavelengths capability.



bKITs are reagent sets used to analyze a specific genetic sequence. They can be used e.g. For the

detection of a pathogen in a biological sample, the correct identification of the nature of the sample and a

large number of other purposes. bKITs are available for R&D and diagnostic purposes for the detection of a

number of nucleic acid signatures of pathogens. Current bKITs available include:

Flavescence Doree


Xylella Fastidiosa



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