Naive iPSC cell line



iPSC could be classified into two classes: primed and naive. The naive cells represent traits of mouse

embryonic stem cells (mESC) derived from inner cell mass (ICM) or blastocyst from preimplantation

embryo, contrarily to primed iPSC that resemble cells derived from murine postimplantation epiblasts. Naive

pluripotent stem cells possess no tendency towards any lineage and retain an active X chromosome in

female-derived iPSC. These cells are easier to maintain and differentiate, due to no prior lineage-

commitment bias.


Celther Polska is currently acting to establish naive iPS cell lines for convenience of culture and broad

spectrum of applications.









Culture type:


Adherent Cell Culture

Donor source:


Single donor

Number of cells:


30 colonies

Tests Performed:


Sterility Testing (Bacteria & Fungi)



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CL 05017-CLTH

CLTH/naive iPSc

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