iPSc-derived endoderm cell line



Endoderm is one of the three germ layers and possesses potential to differentiate into organs such as liver,

pancreas and lung. Celther Polska has developed unique protocols to obtain definitive endoderm from

pluripotent stem cells. The endoderm cells can be used for differentiation into hepatocytes, insulin producing

cells, thyroid cells and others. The endodermal cells are also utilized in cytotoxicity testing of small



In order to evaluate the results of differentiation, Celther Polska endodermal cells are tested for the presence

of characteristic endoderm markers: FOXA2 and CXCR4.


There are two types.

• CLTH/iPSc-Endoderm, Endoderm differentiated from normal iPSc

• CLTH/DS- Endoderm, Endoderm differentiated from iPSC with chromosome trisomy 21





In culture




Culture type:


Adherent Cell Culture

Donor source:


Single donor

Number of cells:


At least 0.5 x 105 cells/1ml/vial

Tests Performed:


Sterility Testing (Bacteria & Fungi)



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CL 05015-CLTH


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