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[Profoldin] Vancomycin Assay


Vancomycin Assay


Vancomycin is a glycopeptide antibiotic that blocks the cell wall synthesis of bacteria.

 The MicroGram Vancomycin Assay Kit is designed for measurement of low micrograms of vancomycin.

 The assay is based on increase of fluorescence at 470 nm of the assay reagent in the presence of

 vancomycin.  The assay kit can be used for measurement of vancomycin concentrations in drug discovery,

drug development and pharmaceutical samples. The assay is not compatible with biological samples

containing amino acids or other molecules or buffers with amines.



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MicroGram Vancomycin Assay Kit  

includes 0.5 ml of 10 x VAN dye, 5.5 ml of Assay buffer, 5 ml of reagent A.

It is for measurement of 100 samples using 96-well plates.  Cuvettes may also be used for measurements.   


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MicroGram Vancomycin Assay Kit

100 assays




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