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[Profoldin] Carfilzomib Assay


Carfilzomib Assay


Carfilzomib is an anti-cancer drug. It is a peptide derivative that selectively inhibits the activity of the 20S

proteasome. The MicroGram Carfilzomib Assay Kit is designed for measurement of micrograms of

carfilzomib.  The assay is based on increase of fluorescence at 535 nm of the assay reagent C33 in the

presence of carfilzomib.  The assay kit can be used for measurement of carfilzomib concentrations in drug

discovery and development.



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Due to the insolubility of carfilzomib in water, measurement of carfilzomib concentration is performed in

ethanol. The assay is not compatible with thiol compounds or metal chelators such EDTA.


MicroGram Carfilzomib Assay Kit  

includes 1 ml of 10 x C33 dye for 200 assays using 96-well plates.  

Cuvettes may also be used for the assay.


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MicroGram Carfilzomib Assay Kit

200 assays




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