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[AM Biotechnologies, LLC] X-Aptamer 검색 수탁 서비스 및 검색용 키트


X-Aptamer 검색 수탁 서비스 및 검색용 키트 


표적분자에 특이적인 X-Aptamer를 탐색하는 수탁 서비스입니다. X-Aptamer는 독자적인 기술로서, 핵산 골격 및

염기를 수식한 표적 분자에 친화성, 특이성을 갖고 있습니다.

수탁 서비스에는 '부분 수탁 서비스''전체 수탁 서비스'가 있습니다. '부분 수탁 서비스'는 고객이 탐색용 키트인

X-Aptamer Selection Kit를 이용하여 표적 분자에 결합 반응을 수행한 다음, 그 다음의 과정을 AM Biotech사에서

수행하는 방법이며, '전체 수탁 서비스'는 AM Biotech사에서 표적 분자를 사용하여 탐색하는 과정에서부터 전체

과정을 수행하는 방법입니다.



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The X-Aptamer Selection Kit for Cells (XASK-C)is a powerful new technology that enables simple,

rapid (one round) isolation of X-Aptamers that bind to a cellular target.  The XASK-C uses a unique ‘

nanobead’ library wherein each nanobead has attached many copies of just one chemically modified

oligonucleotide sequence.  A nanobead library can consist of as many as 1012 individual members.


There are numerous ways to set up a selection to cells.  In one common way, the nanobead library is first

incubated with one or more types of control cells (not the target cell).  The library nanobeads that bind to the

control cells are recovered for later processing while those that do not bind are used for the target cell



The nanobeads that did not bind to the control cells are incubated with the targeted cells.  Nanobeads that

carry a sequence that binds to one or more features on the targeted cell surface will attach to the target cells.

The nanobeads that do not bind to the targeted cells are removed through thorough washing and discarded.

Those that are bound to the targeted cells are recovered.


The oligonucleotides from the nanobeads recovered from the control cells as well as from the targeted cells

are released into solution into separate pools.  Each pool of these oligos is split into two fractions and

individually re-incubated with fresh control and targeted cells.  After thorough washing, the oligonucleotides

bound to the targeted cells as well as the control cells are amplified intounmodified DNA using sequence-

coded primers.


The customer sends the PCR product to AM Biotech for sequencing using next generation methods (e.g. Ion

Torrent, Illumina, etc.) and data analysis.  AM Biotech identifies the sequences in the targeted cell fraction

that are highly enriched when compared to the control cells.  Those enriched sequences are synthesized

and sent to the customer for screening against the targeted cells.


 X-Aptamer Selection Kit_Cell Selection Diagram


The X-Aptamer Selection Kit for proteins and small molecules (XASK-M)enables a scientist or

lab technician to perform most of an X-Aptamer selection in his/her own lab using standard equipment. The

one round process (it is not SELEX) takes less than a week including target preparation. The kit contains a

bead-based library, several primers, and a few simple purificationcolumns.


Each kit for molecular targets (XASK-M) can process 1 to 5 protein or small molecule targets in parallel.

Each kit for cells (XASK-C) can process one cell type and up to two control cell types.



Key terms and conditions;

• Unlimited research use

• Can keep targets confidential

• Commercial rights for flat fee



X-Aptamers are the next step in the evolution of aptamer technology. They are synthetic affinity reagents that

incorporate natural as well as chemically-modified DNA or RNA nucleotides. Common modifications include

amino acid functional groups as well as small molecules in virtually any combination. For many years,

aptamers were developed using one of several versions of the Systemic Evolution of Ligands by

ExponentialEnrichment (SELEX) process. Unfortunately, SELEX has inherent limitations. The most notable

being limited chemical diversity. Chemical diversity strongly influences the interaction between an affinity

reagent and its target and directly affects binding affinity and specificity. Because SELEX relies on enzymatic

amplification of an oligonucleotide library, only those chemically modified nucleotides that are compatible

with PCR amplification can be used. In addition, the number of distinct, modified nucleotidesthat can be

incorporated into any one SELEX library is severely constrained. This is in stark contrast to the vast

chemical diversity of antibodies.


X-Aptamer technology overcomes SELEX limitations and exponentially expands the chemical diversity

available for target interaction. X-Aptamers are developed using a patented microbead-based selection

process synthesized using combinatorial chemistry as well as a patented synthesizer. In contrast to SELEX,

the microbead process does not rely on PCR amplification of the binding sequences and thus enables a

richdiversity of chemical functionality that is necessary to achieve excellent specificity and affinity. Many

chemical modifications as well as combinations of those modifications that are not compatible with SELEX

are available for use with AM Biotech’s bead-based X-Aptamer technology.


                                                  Affinity Molecule Comparison

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 Data Sheet (PDF)



Ordering information;     

X-Aptamer Selection Kit and Processing Services

 Step 1.  Selection Kit (XASK-M or XASK-C)

$ 850.00

 Step 2.  Sequencing

$ 1,900.00

 Step 3.  Data Analysis per Number of Targets Used in Selection

$ 950.00

 Step 4.  Set Up Fee (waived for orders of 3 or more sets of 8 putative XAs)

$ 1,000.00

 Step 5.  Set of 8 Putative XAs (Can purchase multiple sets for 1 target)

$ 1,000.00

* 운임 등은 불포함 가격입니다.

Note 1: labels available for stated price are 5' 6-FAM, hexyne, thiol C6 SS, or biotinTEG. Additional labels – Call for Quote.

Note 2: Each item invoiced separately.



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