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[Invent Biotechnologies, Inc.] Hi-Efficiency Exosome Precipitation Reagent


Minute™ Hi-Efficiency Exosome Precipitation Reagent



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Exosomes are vesicles secreted by cells, which are present in a variety of body fluids such as serum,

ascites, spinal cord fluid, urine and saliva. Cultured cells also secrete significant number of exosomes. The

size distribution of exosome is ranging from 30-120 nm. The biological function of exosomes is believed to

serve as intercellular messengers. Filtration and ultracentrifugation are classical ways of isolating and

enriching exosomes, which have demonstrated to be tedious and time consuming.Fast enrichment of

exosome can also be achieved through precipitation. Almost all currently available exosome precipitation

products are PEG-based. MinuteTM Hi-Efficiency Exosome Precipitation Reagent is designed for improved

precipitation of total exosomes from biofluids and cell culture medium using non-PEG based reagent. Unlike

many other products that require a specific kit for a specific type of sample, this kit can be applied to most

samples using the same reagent and similar protocol.



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Comparison of leading brand exosome precipitation reagent with EI-027

A, pellets precipitated from 100ul human serum. B, SDS-PAGE profiles.

C, Western blottings for exosome markers.

Lanes 1, 3, 5; leading brandreagents. Lanes 2, 4, 6; EI-027



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Minute™ Hi-Efficiency Exosome Precipitation Reagent

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