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[Nanovex Biotechnologies SL] Nanoencapsulation practice kit
Fluorescein(형광색소)를 nanovesicles(나노소포체)에 나노 캡슐화하고, 포착능력을 분석하기 위한 제품입니다.


Nanoencapsulation practice kit

Nanoencapsulation practice kit는 fluorescein(형광색소)를 nanovesicles(나노소포체)에 나노 캡슐화하고,

포착능력을 분석하기 위한 제품입니다.



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Nanovesicles are closed bilayer structures able to entrap a wide range of compounds providing several

advantages such as: encapsulated compound protection, increased bioavailability, controlled delivery, target

delivery, great stability and masking undesired tastes, among others.

Pronanosomes are ready-to-use formulations to obtain nanovesicles which are able to encapsulate different

compounds (Hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules, peptides, proteins,...) in a fast and simple way:



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1. Load

2. Shake

3. Nanovesicles are ready to use



Practice Nanoencapsulation kit to nanoencapsulate fluorecein into nanovesicles and to determine entrapment

efficiency. The kit is composed by:


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  A. Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) Column

  B. Pronanosome (Product to form nanovesicles)

  C. Fluorescein solution (100 μM)



The practice nanoencapsulation kit  offers a clear and pedagogic method for learning about

nanoencapsulation and purification techniques. A protocol with all the steps to follow as well as the results to

be obtained are included with the kit.



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Elution profile obtained from a 200 μl sample of nanovesicles containing fluorescein and unencapsulated

fluorescein (1 ml fractions)




- Medicine

• Infectious diseases

• Cancer therapy

• Gene therapy

• Vaccination

• Parasitic diseases

• Macrophage activation

• Others


- Food

• Functional foods

• Superfoods

• Dairy products

• Others


- Others

• Biotechnology

• Diagnostics

• Cosmetics



  How to choose the appropriate nanovesicle


  Brochure (PDF)



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