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Minute™ Ponceau S Stain / Minute™ Peroxidase Suppressor / Minute™ High Efficiency Protein Precipitation kit


Protein Analysis Reagents_Ponceau S Stain, Peroxidase suppressor & High

efficiency protein precipitation kit


 Minute™ Ponceau S Stain


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This is a rapid and reversible staining for locating protein bands on Western blots and for comparing protein

band intensity. It produces pink reddish stained bands on Western blot membranes. The stain is very useful

because it does not have a deleterious effect on the property of proteins. It is also a common method for

locating polypeptides on Western blots for protein sequencing. The stain binds to proteins on the membrane

reversibly and works well for nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes.It is not recommended for positively

charged membranes such as nylon membrane.


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 Minute™ Peroxidase Suppressor


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Minute™ Peroxidase Suppressor is designed to inhibit endogenous peroxidase activity commonly

encountered in immunohistochemistry (IHC) procedures. Inhibiting endogenous peroxidase activity is

essential for avoiding false positive and reduce the background of IHC. Many chemical agents such as H2O2

and sodium aside have been used for this purpose but the inhibition is usually incomplete. Minute TM HRP

Suppressor is a mixture of several potent HRP inhibitors and the result is a complete inhibitionof endogenous

peroxidase activity. The suppressor can be used in regular IHC as well as HRP-mediated super sensitive

procedures such as tyramide signal amplification (TSA).


Major Features: Very stable at RT, ready to use and irreversible inhibition of endogenous peroxidase activity.

Significantly reduce the background of sensitive assays using HRP.


1. After cell or tissue samples are prepared on slide, perform antigen retrieval step if necessary.

2. Block non-specific sites in the samples with normal serum or other blocking solution of your choice.

3. Add 1-2 drops of HRP suppressor to cover the samples on the slide. Incubate at room temperature in a

   humidity chamber for 10-15 min. Wash the sample on the slide 3 times with IHC washing buffer such as

   PBS-tween and perform primary antibody incubation.

4. It is important that HRP suppressor must be added after antigen retrieval and before primary antibody

   incubation. It may interfere with antigen-antibody binding if it is not wash away after incubation.

5. Continue with other experimental steps.


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 Minute™ High Efficiency Protein Precipitation kit


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Protein precipitation is an obvious choice for concentrating proteins and removing interfering substances in

protein samples such as salts, lipid and other components that may interfere with downstream applications.

One of the most commonly used methods is trichloroacetic acid (TCA)/acetone precipitation. This is a

relatively simple and effective method. Proteins precipitated by TAC/acetone method is usually denatured

and in many cases the solubility of protein is reduced. A major disadvantageof traditional TCA/acetone

precipitation method is its low efficiency for the samples of low protein concentration. The higher protein

concentration sample precipitate much more effectively than the lower protein concentration samples. In

order to overcome the shortcomings, we have developed this high efficiency protein precipitation kit, which is

a modification of traditional TCA method. It is simple, rapid and highly effective. Low protein concentration

samples can be effectively precipitated and concentratedin about 25-30 min. The precipitated protein can be

re-dissolved readily in detergent containing buffers.



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  Instruction sheet (PDF)




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Minute™ Ponceau S Stain


250 ml


Minute™ Peroxidase Suppressor


30 ml


Minute™ High Efficiency Protein

Precipitation kit

Protein precipitation Solution

30 ml

Washing Solution

30 ml



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