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[HansaBioMed Life Sciences] Green fluorescent exosome standard for EV tracking


Green fluorescent exosome standards

Save time and get fluorescent exosomes for EV(Extracellular Vesicle) tracking



HansaBioMed Life Sciences provides Fluorescent Exosome Standards for EV tracking in fluorecence

microscopy experiments. Fluorescent exosomes are labeled with green dye, which provides a stable

fluorescent labeling and exosomes are suitable for different applications providing a long-lasting well visible

signal. Fluorescent labeled vesicles are stable for approximately 6 months storage at -20°C.




• High quality purified exosomes

• Green fluorescent Exosomes are sold in vials containing 100 μg of total protein (Particles/ml > 1x10^10).

• Fluorescence stable for long term (up to 6 months, stored at -20°C).




• EV tracking in fluorescence microscopy studies.

• Flow cytometry.

• Electron microscopy.



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Fig. 2. FACS analysis of purified BLCL exosomes, labeled with CD9-Alexa488, with Exo-GREEN and




Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name



 From Human Plasma of healthy donors

100 µg


 From Human Serum of healthy donors

100 µg


 From Human Urine of healthy donors

100 µg


 From Human Saliva of healthy donors

100 µg


 From COLO1 cell line (Human colon carcinoma)

100 µg


 From MM1 cell line (Human melanoma)

100 µg


 From BLCL21 cell line (EBV transformed lymphoblastoid B cells)

100 µg


 From HCT116 cell line (Human colon carcinoma)

100 µg


 From U87 MG cell line (Human glioblastoma astrocytoma)

100 µg


 From SK-N-SH cell line (Human neuroblastoma)

100 µg


 From PC3 cell line (Human Prostate adenocarcinoma grade IV)

100 µg


 From BPH-1 cell line (Human being prostatic hyperplasia)

100 µg


 From DAUDI cell line (Human Burkitt Lymphoma)

100 µg


 From A549 cell line (Lung carcinoma)

100 µg


 From K-562 cell line (Pleural effusion, leukemia chronic myelogenous)

100 µg


 From B16F10 mouse cell line (mouse melanoma cell line)

100 µg



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