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[G-Biosciences] Apotosis Inducers sets


Apotosis Inducers sets



Apoptosis is commonly defined as programmed mechanism of cell death and is a highly regulated process

that can be initiated by a variety of internal and external stimuli (inducers). G‐Biosciences’ Apoptosis

Inducers are ready‐to‐use solutions for inducing apoptosis in various cell types. They are supplied

individually as well as in a set of 6 inducers. These inducers include: Actinomycin D, Camptothecin,

Cycloheximide, Dexamethasone, Doxorubicin and Etoposide and can be used in 1000X dilution. These

agents induce apoptosis by different mechanisms. Depending on the need, individual as well as set of

inducers may be ordered.



Actinomycin D


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A class of polypeptide antibiotics isolated from the Steptomyces soil bacteria.  Actinomycin D inhibits

transcription by binding to DNA at the transcription initiation complex and therefore preventing elongation by

the RNA polymerase.  




• Synonym : Dactinomycin

• CAS Number : 50-76-0

• Linear Formular : C62H86N12O16

• Molecular Weight : 1255.42




Bancos, S. et al (2010) Cell. Immunol. 262:18

Fenjves, E.S. et al (2008) Cell Transplant. 17:793

Vigneswaran, N. et al (2003) Oral Oncol. 39:559





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A cytotoxic quinoline alkaloid that inhibits the DNA enzyme topoisomerase I (Topo I).





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An inhibitor of protein synthesis by interfering with the translocation step (movement of two tRNA molecules

and mRNA on ribosome) in protein synthesis, thus blocking translational elongation.





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A potent and stable glucocorticoid steroid hormone that is often used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-

rheumatic drug. The mechanism of action is not fully understood, however it is thought that it may inhibit

prostaglandin synthesis.






Doxorubicin (or hydroxyldaunorubicin) is an anthracycline antibiotic that intercalates DNA, inhibiting the

unwinding of DNA by topoisomerase II.





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An inhibitor of topoisomerase II.



Instruction sheet (PDF)



Ordering informations    

Catalog No.

Product Name



Actinomycin D (10mM)

1 x 50 μl


Camptothecin (2mM)

1 x 1 ml


Cycloheximide (100mM)

1 x 1 ml


Dexamethasone (10mM)

1 x 1 ml


Doxorubicin (2mM)

1 x 50 μl


Etoposide (100mM)

1 x 50 μl


Apoptosis Inducer Set

Set of all 6 inducers



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