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[METAFORA biosystems] 생세포 표면의 transporter를 탐지하는 리간드


생세포 표면의 transporter를 탐지하는 리간드, METAscreen SLC Profiling Kit



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생세포 표면의 포도당, 아미노산, 인산염 등의 영양소 transporter를 flow-cytometry 및 Immunofluorescence로

탐지 할 수 있는 리간드입니다. 세포대사에 중요한 각종 transporter의 발현을 탐지하고 profiling하여 세포의 상태를

확인 할 수 있습니다. 약물동태 및 분화과정에서의 모니터링에 유용합니다.

본 제품에 포함된 RBD 리간드는 RBD와 마우스 (또는 토끼) IgG의 Fc 영역을 융합시킨 recombinent입니다.

본 키트에는 6 종류의 recombinet RBD 리간드가 포함되어 있어, 각각 다른 영양소 transporter에 특이적으로




특 징

● 세포표면 transporter SLC (Solute carrier transpoter)에 특이적으로 결합합니다.

● 생세포에서 면역형광염색, flow-cytometer로 측정이 가능합니다 *.

● 같은 유전자 군에 속하는 다른 transporter와 교차반응 하지 않습니다.

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키트에 포함된 리간드

GLUT1(solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 1 -SLC2A1-) is the major glucose

   transporter. It is expressed on most cell types, being a key player of basal glucose metabolism, and as

   such can be dysregulated by conditions triggering, or requiring, energetic modulations such as glucose

   starvation, oxphos vs. glycolysis switches, malignancies etc. - Glucose

ASCT2(solute carrier family 1, facilitated neutral amino acids transporter member 5 –SLC1A5-) transports

   neutral amino acids, especially glutamine. It is differentially expressed, and plays a pivotal role in cell

   growth, autophagy and differentiation. - Glutamine

PiT1 (solute carrier family 20, facilitated phosphate transporter member 1 -SLC20A1-) is a sodium-

   phosphate symporter that absorbs phosphate from interstitial fluid for use in cellular functions such as

   metabolism, signal transduction, and nucleic acid and lipid synthesis. Its expression is regulated to

   respond to cell metabolism needs. - iPhosphate

PiT2(solute carrier family 20, facilitated phosphate transporter member 2 -SLC20A2-) is a type 3 sodium-

   dependent phosphate symporter that plays an important role in phosphate homeostasis by mediating

   cellular phosphate uptake. Unlike PiT1 which can be highly regulated, PiT2 expression seems more

   stable, except under adverse toxic effects when phosphate homeostasis is disrupted.

XPR1is the only identified inorganic phosphate exporter in metazoans. As such, it certainly plays a unique

   role in inorganic phosphate homeostasis along with PiT1 and PiT2 which ensure phosphate import.

FLVCR1 (solute carrier family 49, facilitated heme transporter member 1 –SLC49A1-) is the only,

   experimentally demonstrated, heme exporter at the cell surface. It plays a critical role in erythropoiesis by

   protecting developing erythroid cells from heme toxicity. More generally, it regulates intracellular free heme

   concentration to deal with heme intrinsic toxicity along with heme oxygenases. It is highlyimplicated in

   cellular oxidoreductive metabolism. - Heme



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