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[G-Biosciences] Alamar Blue Cell viability Assay


Alamar Blue Cell viability Assay



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AlamarBlue Cell Viability Assay reagent quantitatively measures the proliferation of mammalian cell lines,

bacteria and fungi. The dye incorporates an oxidation-reduction (REDOX) indicator that both fluoresces and

change color in response to the chemical reduction of growth medium due to cell growth.


The alamarBlue (resazurin) dye in its oxidized form is blue in color and non-fluorescent. In alamarBlue

assay the growing cells cause a chemical reduction of the alamarBlue dye from non-fluorescent blue to red

fluorescent. The continued growth of viable cells maintain a reducing environment (fluorescent, red) and

inhibition of growth maintains an oxidized environment (non-fluorescent, blue), which can be detected using

a fluorescence or absorbance detector.




• High sensitivity and lineararity

• Quantitative

• Non-toxic to cells

• Scalable

• No cell lysis

• Stable

• Flxible and versatile




• Monitor cell proliferation and cell viability for in vitro cytotoxicity studies

  (e.g., effects of environmental  toxins, cytokines, drugs, siRNA/microRNA)

• Monitor cell viability in real time for 3D tissue engineering applications.



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