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Samples that contain a large abundance of albumin, such as plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, tend to mask

identification and discovery of other less abundant proteins in two dimensional gel electrophoresis and other

studies. AlbuminOUT™ has been specifically developed for substantial removal of albumin from such



The albumin removal method is based on the binding of albumin with Cibacron Blue dye. AlbuminOUT™ has

been optimized for removal of human albumin from samples. AlbuminOUT™ uses a rapid spin column

method, where each column contains 0.2 milliliter dye-bound resins with capacity of greater than 2

milligrams human albumin per column. AlbuminOUT™ will remove over 98% albumin from five to 50

microliters human plasma. The spin column format allows removal of albumin within ten minutes.


The high capacity blue dye-binding resin allows instantaneous binding and removal of albumin from human,

pig, sheep, dog, rabbit, rat, and bovine samples. AlbuminOUT™ may also be used for removal of albumin

from other species.  




• Rapid spin column format albumin removal in under 10 minutes

• Binding of albumin with Cibacron Blue dye

• High capacity blue dye binding resin for instantaneous binding and removal of albumin.

• Column capacity: >2mg human albumin per column




• Removal of >98% albumin from biological samples such as human plasma and cerebrospinal fluid

• Optimized for removal of human albumin

• Albumin removal from non-human species, including pig, sheep, dog, rabbit, rat, bovine and other samples




Sandilands, E.A. et al (2012) BMC Clin. Pharmacol. 12:3

De Palma, A. et al (2010) J. Chroma A. 1217:5328



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