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[Biotech Support Group] Albumin + IgG depletion from serum or plasma


AlbuSorb™ PLUS


Albumin + IgG depletion from serum or plasma


  •  >400 μg total serum protein mass (> 85% Albumin, >85% IgG depleted) from 25 μl serum prep
  •  Affinity-type equivalence, virtually no cross-reactivity with other proteins
  •  Disposable, no column regeneration or cross-contamination
  •  Combines unique bead technology, not based on Blue-dye affinity, with optimized Protein A
  •  Mild conditions maintains structural integrity and simple transfer to secondary analysis
  •  Suitable for immunoassay, Western blot, 1 & 2D Electrophoresis, enzyme assay, LC-MS
  •  Tested species include human, sheep, bovine, rabbit, mouse, rat


Poly-electrolytes are polymers with repeating units of stationary charges. AlbuSorb™ comes from a class of

solid-phase, or surface-based, elastomeric poly-electrolytic surfaces that bind proteins through an

empirically derived chemistry combining elements of polymer composition, cross-linking architecture and

charge properties. AlbuSorb™ combines with an optimized immobilized Protein A to create AlbuSorb™PLUS.


Unlike immuno-affinity, the surfaces utilized are disposable eliminating cycle to cycle variance and cross-

contamination. AlbuSorb™ PLUS is supplied as a powder. Simply weigh, centrifuge and/or filter, and recover

the {albumin + Immunoglobulin} - depleted serum in the supernatant.



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Fig. 1. Gel Image: SDS-PAGE non-reduced, Criterion™ Tris.HCl (Bio-Rad) 4-15%

1. Human Serum Control (25 μl Serum + 250 μl Buffer)

2. AlbuSorb™ PLUS Flow-Through Analysis by gel estimation & LC-MS Spectral Counts

   Albumin <10%, 85+%+ removal IG annotated <10%, 85+%+ removal



Typical Performance


AlbuSorb™ PLUS

Serum Sample Volume

25 μl

25 μl

Albumin Removal



Immunoglobulin Removal



Recovered Protein Mass

500-600 μg (Albumin depleted)

400-500 μg (Albumin + Ig depleted)

LC-MS/MS unique proteins

(single 3 hr gradient)






Ordering information


Catalog No.

Product Name


 APK285-20/100 (PDF)

AlbuSorb™ PLUS (25 μl Serum Samples)

20 / 100 preps




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