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[MTTI] 종양세포의 관찰에 매우 효율적인 CyAL-5 표지 probe
CyAL-5 Dye를 결합한 형광 imaging 용 probe로서, cyclic RGD peptide(CyAL-5 cRGD)와 2-deoxyglucose(CyAL-5 2-DG)의 2 종류의 제품이 있습니다.
종양세포의 관찰에 매우 효율적인 imaging 시약, CyAL-5 표지 probe
CyAL-5 Dye를 결합한 형광 imaging 용 probe로서, cyclic RGD peptide(CyAL-5 cRGD)와 2-deoxyglucose(CyAL-5 2-DG)의
2 종류의 제품이 있습니다.
Cyclic RGD peptide (cRGD)는 αvβ3 integrin에 친화력을 보여, integrin을 많이 발현하는 종양세포의 혈관신생
(vascularization), 성장, 억제 효과 등을 관찰 할 때 유용합니다. cRGD은 기존의 straight-chain RGD peptide보다도 αvβ3
integrin에 대하여 높은 친화력과 선택성을 보여줍니다. 2-Deoxyglucose(2-DG)는 GLUT transporter에 의해 세포 내에 흡수됩니다. 정상 세포보다 종양 세포에서 포도당의 흡수가 촉진되는 것으로 알려져 있기 때문에 유방암, glioblastoma , 대장암,
전립선암 등 종양의 in vivo/in vitro imaging에 유용합니다. 또한 CyAL-5 Dye는 시아닌 색소(cyanine dye)의 일종으로, 분자 내에 free carboxylic acid 을 가지고 있습니다. 표지하려는 분자의 아미노기와 결합시킬 수 있어, Alexa Fluor (R) 647 또는
Cy5와 유사한 형광 스펙트럼을 가지고 있기 때문에, 기존의 필터와 호환됩니다. Free carboxylic acid을 가지는 등, 다른 형광색소에 비해 친수성을 향상되어 있고, 또한 Cy5와 Cy5.5보다도 광 안정성이 뛰어난 특성을 나타냅니다. In vivo imaging 등의 용도에 최적인 형광색소입니다.
CyAL-5 2-Deoxglucose Optical probe
For Imaging multiple tumor types such as breast, glioblastoma, colon and prostate
       Structure of CyAL-5 2-DG                     Spectral Properties in PBS (abs max=643 nm; Em max=661 nm)
CyAL-5 2-deoxyglucose (CyAl-5 2-DG) is a fluorescent imaging agent designed to target a wide spectrum of cancers such as breast, glioblastoma, colon and prostate in vitro as well as in vivo. 2-DG is a glucose analog that utilizes the GLUT
transporters for entry into the cell. One of the hallmarks of many cancer cells is an elevated uptake of glucose. Numerous
fluorophores, including 800CW and 2-NBDG have been used to label 2-DG for tumor detection. FDG has been used
extensively in PET imaging for diagnosis and tumor response monitoring in various types of cancer.
CyAL-5 cyclic RGD Optical Probe
For Imaging Tumor Angiogenesis, Growth and Treatment Efficacy
        Structure of CyAL‐5 RGD                       Spectral Properties in PBS (abs max=643 nm; Em max=658 nm)
CyAL‐5 cRGD is a fluorescence imaging agent comprising a potent cyclic RGD peptide, c(RGDfK) designed to target
integrins and a CyAL‐5 dye with emission at 658 nm. This agent has been developed to target αvβ3 expression in the
neovasculature as well as tumor cells, to monitor angiogenesis and growth and treatment efficacy. The integrin family is
comprised of 25 identified members, which are heterodimers of 19 α‐ and 8 β‐subunits imbedded noncovalently into the
cell membrane. Generally, linear RGD peptides, such as GRGDS (Gly‐Arg‐Gly‐Asp‐Ser), often have low affinity (IC50>
100 nM) and selectivity for αvβ3 and αIIBβ3[2], and undergo rapid degradation in serum by a variety of proteases.Cyclic
RGD (cRGDfk) has shown elevated binding affinity and selectivity for αvβ3 over αIIBβ3.
CyAL-5 Fluorescent Dye
For Labeling Molecules with Amino Groups (e.g. Drugs, Proteins, Peptides and Antibodies)
     Structure of CyAL-5 Fluorescent Dye                     Spectral Data in PBS (pH=7, abs max=643 nm/solid line,
                                                                             FL em max=661 nm/dotted line, ε = 230,000M-1cm-1 Ф = 0.13)
CyAL-5 is a monofunctional cyanine dye containing a free carboxylic acid group for conjugation with targeting agents
containing a free amine group; use for in vivo and in vitro imaging applications
Advantages of CyAL-5 Fluorescent Dye
  • Excellent water solubility.
  • Similar ex and em properties to Cy5 and Alexa fluor 647.
  • Bright fluorescence emission in the near infrared range.
  • Enhanced photostability cf cy5 and cy5.5.
  • Useful for a variety of biochemical and in vivo imaging applications.
  • Very cost effective; allowing scale-up and use in multistep organic synthesis schemes.
  • Compatible with common filter sets used for imaging.
  • Activated with standard reagents (e.g. HBTU, DSC) for coupling to amines.
* CyAL-5 is sold under license from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.
                                  CyAL-5와 Cy-5의 photostability 비교
Imaging bacteria in a mouse with a bacteria targeting motif labeled with CyAL‐5 dye
(Image courtesy of Dr Bradley Smith, University of Notre Dame)
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