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작성일 : 13-01-20
[Icosagen AS] Novel CDNF ELISA kit
The human CDNF Quantification kit
Novel CDNF ELISA kit
The human CDNF Quantification kit
The human CDNF Quantification kit provides a rapid and easy method for the quantitative determination of human CDNF
in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma. The kit includes ready-to-use reagents necessary to analyse up to 88
samples in 2 hours.
Kit has been developed based on Icosagen's unique CDNF antibodies that are raised against full-length recombinant
protein expressed in mammalian cell culture. Alike many other antibodies in Icosagen portfolio they have high affinity and
high specificity (no cross reactivity to other nerve growth factors).
Features :
  • High sensitivity: 0,006 ng/mL
  • Can be used to detect small quantities of CDNF starting from 0,015 ng/mL
  • High affinity of the CDNF antibodies (antibodies raised against full length recombinant CDNF)
  • All the test procedure can be performed in room temperature
  • Short testing time (2h 15min)
Principle of the assay :
The human CDNF test is based on the quantitative sandwich enzyme immunoassay technique. Microtiter wells are pre-
coated with human CDNF-specific monoclonal capture antibodies. Samples and standards are pipetted into microwells
and human CDNF molecules present in the sample are bound by the capture antibodies. After incubation, unbound
material is removed by washing the wells. Then, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugated human CDNF-specific
monoclonal detection antibody binds to a different epitope of human CDNF molecules. After washing, the ready to use
HRP substrate(TMB) is added to wells. The intensity of the colour produced is directly proportional to the amount of
human CDNF in the sample. Colour development is then stopped by the addition of stop solution. Absorbance is
measured at 450 nm.
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