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[Wako Pure Chemical] Limulus PS Single Test Wako
Pyrosep™ Method Endotoxin Specific Measurement Kit
Limulus PS Single Test Wako
Pyrosep™ Method Endotoxin Specific Measurement Kit
Features ;
  • Endotoxin specific measurement can be performed with small amounts, avoiding any interference from coexisting substances, by adsorbing endotoxin to Pyrosep™ in the sample and condensing it.
  • Since the endotoxin is adsorbed to Pyrosep™ even in ethanol, a fat-soluble sample can be tested provided it dissolves in ethanol. Such samples are not usually processed in ordinary limulus tests. (Example: fat-soluble vitamins, oils and fats)
  • No LAL reagent is wasted, since it is pre-dispensed individually in vials, and can be used in the quantity required for measurement
Measurement Principle ;
The endotoxin in the sample is adsorbed to a capillary column filled with Pyrosep™ (an affinity adsorbent with histidine
bound to a water-insoluble support via a spacer, designed to specifically adsorb endotoxin). Other substances contained
in the sample are washed off, allowing the adsorbed endotoxin activate the LAL reagent for quantification, whereupon
the measurement is performed using a Toxinometer®.
Kit Contents ;
 LAL ES Single reagent (lyophilized Limulus polyphemus amebocyte extract)
20 vials (for 0.3 mL)
 Pyrosep™ suspension (suspended in a phosphate buffer)
20 vials (0.77 mL)
 LAL diluent
2 vials (7 mL)
 Wash solution
4 vials (11 mL)
 Sample dilution buffer
4 vials (10 mL)
 Capillary (with a silicone tube)
20 pcs
* The syringe, T-shaped stopcock and dedicated adapter are not included in this kit, but are optionally available in the
   PS Accessory Kit (294-33311).
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Application ;
A.Endotoxin Detection in Dialysate
The samples were prepared from commercially-available dialysate (dialysate X) and two kinds of replacement fluids for
artificial kidneys (fluids Y and Z), with amounts of 5.0 mL in each case respectively. Each had USP Reference Standard
Endotoxin added, and the pH was subsequently adjusted to approx. 5 using acetic acid. The endotoxin concentration in
each sample was measured using the Pyrosep™ method and the added endotoxin was recovered.
With the use of the Pyrosep™ method, endotoxin in dialysate is detectable within a range starting from 0.1 EU/L.
B.Endotoxin Detection in Fat-soluble Vitamin
Fat-soluble vitamins D, E and K were dissolved in ethanol, to which USP Reference Standard Endotoxin was then added. The endotoxin concentrations in the samples were measured using the Pyrosep™ method and the added endotoxin was
recovered from each sample. The use of the Pyrosep™ method enabled the endotoxin detection in fat-soluble vitamins,
which could not otherwise be measured with Limulus reagents.
C.Other Examples
Ethanol, silicone oil, soybean oil, olive oil, stearic acid, egg yolk lecithin, oil-adjuvanted vaccine, albumin products,
coagulation factor products (factor 8), interferon formulation, antithrombin III, immunoglobulin product and other
ethanol-soluble samples.
Ordering informations ;
Kit contents:
20 mL syringe (no needle) × 12, T-shape stopcock R type × 12, dedicated adapter × 20, bulldog clip × 12, 2058
FALCON polystyrene tube (5 mL) × 25, 2057 FALCON polystyrene tube (14 mL) × 25,
test tube rack (for 50 tubes) × 1 and procedure instruction document × 1
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