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[AparnaBio] InVivoTrak™ / Investigate RNAi Biodistribution
Nanoparticles를 이용한 in vivo transfection 시약인 InVivoPlex® 사용시 종양 형성 마우스의 EPR 활성을 평가하는데 효율적입니다.
Investigate RNAi Biodistribution
Nanoparticles를 이용한 in vivo transfection 시약인 InVivoPlex® 사용시 종양 형성 마우스의 EPR 활성을 평가하는데
                                              InVivoTrak™ in vivo imaging of tumor EPR activity
Near-IR fluorescent labeled agents can be used for whole body in vivo imaging of InVivoPlex® (Pearl Imager).
Features ;
  • Bright fluorescent labeled nucleic acid that can be easily detected in tissues
  • Available in either red or NIR fluorescent labeled format
  • Assembles into in vivo RNAi formulations the same as active RNAi agents
  • Reagent kits designed for easy use with InVivoPlex® system
Applications ;
  • Biodistribution of InVivoPlex®, or other RNAi formulations
  • Vascular leakage of tumors in murine cancer models  
  • In vivo NIR imaging of murine tumor models
Points To Consider ;
Study in vivo RNAi formulation biodistribution:
InVivoTrak™ reagents are recommended for studies to evaluate biodistribution of InVivoPlex® and other in vivo RNAi
formulations.  The reagents can be detected in tissue homogenates with a fluorescence microplate reader, or when using
the NIR labeled form of InVivoTrak™ reagents with an in vivo NIR fluorescence imaging instrument such as the LiCor
Pearl Imager.  These studies can provide important information relating to the in vivo fate of in vivo RNAi formulations.
Determine murine tumor model EPR activity:
InVivoTrak™ reagents facilitate determination of murine tumor model EPR activity, or to adjust tumor model parameters
to increase EPR activity.  This can be accomplished using InVivoTrak™ reagents with InVivoPlex®, a tumor targeting in
vivo RNAi nanoparticle reagent (see InVivoPlex® Brochure).  These studies can address concerns of variability of cancer
models among labs, and variation related to tumor vasculature that can influence activity of experimental therapeutics on
tumor tissue.  This powerful combination of InVivoTrak™ with InVivoPlex® can also be used to optimize parameters of
murine cancer model protocols to maximize EPR activity before efficacy studies and other translation research.
Regulatory issues for performing InVivoPlex® studies:
Use of animals for scientific research usually is subject to national and in some cases regional or local laws.  For laboratories
in the US AparnaBio can help provide draft protocol language and guidance as well as links to information available from
the US Government, and gladly discuss how use of InVivoTrak™ reagents can be described to review committees,
including a description of how its use is consistent with established humane use of experimental animals.
Product Summary ;
InVivoTrak™ reagents enable biodistribution studies of in vivo RNAi formulations in murine models, and can be used with
measurements on tissue homogenates or with NIR fluorescence in vivo imaging.  The InVivoTrak™ reagents supply a
concentrate of the fluorescent labeled nucleic acid, a Cargo Buffer for preparation of a solution designed for easy use
with the small InVivoPlex® Kit, and Vehicle Control Buffer for a control treatment with vehicle.  An important feature of
the reagent is the availability in a format with either red or NIR fluorescence.  Kits for other group sizes can be provided
upon request.
Ordering informations ;
  1. IVT-O-Red   InVivoTrak-OLIGO Red   
  2. IVT-O-NIR   InVivoTrak-OLIGO Near-IR
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