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[METAFORA biosystems] Glucose transporter(Glut1) 검출 및 정량용 ligand
Unique cell surface nutrient transporter ligands


Glut1.RBD, glucose transporter(Glut1) 검출 및 정량용 ligand

Unique cell surface nutrient transporter ligands



Glut1.RBD는 세포표면의 주요 glucose transporter인 Glut1의 ligand로, Glut1의 검출과 정량에 사용 할 수




Glut1 (solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 1 (SLC2A1)) is the major glucose

transporter. It is a key player of basal glucose metabolism, and as such can be dysregulated by conditions

triggering, or requiring, energetic modulations such as glucose starvation, malignancies etc.



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HTLV2 is a human retrovirus that uses Glut1 as a receptor to bind, enter and infect cells through the use of

it’s envelope protein. This receptor binding domain (RBD) has been fused to an antibody Fc domain to

produce the Glut1.RBD, which can be utilised like an antibody to monitor Glut1 at the cell surface. More than

six RBDs have been designed this way




• Only cell surface Glut1 ligand

• Compatible with all human cell types

• Ideal for drug discovery & development

• Easy to use

• Provide optimized protocols



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Energetic metabolism

Glut1 is the major glucose transporter, and ASCT2 a critical glutamine transporter. Their cell surface

expression is a marker of Warburg effect due to mitochondrial defects, hypoxia or increased energetic

demand and is linked to many cancer pathways.


Oxidative Stress

FLVCR1 is the only described heme exporter. RFT1/3 are two riboflavin transporters. They are involved in

oxidative stress mitigation.


Proliferation & adhesion

Pit1, Pit2 and XPR1 are inorganic phosphate transporters regulate phosphate homeostasis. They are involved

in cell proliferation and adhesion.





Protocols for Flow Cytometry (PDF)

Protocols for Immunofluorescence (PDF)

Data sheet  (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)



For flow cytometry experiment, you may also want to use the GFP-fused Glut1.RBD :

use it as a primary antibody and get results in a single labeling step !





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Ordering informations


Catalog No.

Product Name (Tag)



Glut1. RBD (Mouse Fc / IgG1)

25 tests


Glut1. RBD (Mouse Fc / IgG1)

100 tests


Glut1. RBD (GFP)

25 tests


Glut1. RBD (GFP)

100 tests

 This ligand is available with two different tags:

 use the GFP-fused Glut1.RBD for primary labeling for flow cytometry analysis 

 or the mousFc-fused Glut1.RBD along with a secondary antibody for IHC for example.




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