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[Cellagen Technology LLC] StemEZ Serum-Free Medium (K3980)
StemEZ Serum-Free Medium (K3980)
StemEZ (previously STEM-EZ8) is a fully chemically defined, serum-free, animal product-free growth medium for long-term culture of human ESC or human iPSC under feeder-free conditions. Complete StemEZ medium contains recombinant
human basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), recombinant human transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) and
insulin. No further addition of growth factors is required. StemEZ is ideal for the maintenance and expansion of
undifferentiated human ESCs and iPSCs, and the reduction ofvariability in pluripotent stem cell cultures. It can also
support derivation of human iPSCs (which can be further enhanced by Repro-PACT)
Advantage of using StemEZ ;
  • More consistent and robust culture: fully chemically defined, animal product-free, optimized growth factor activities.
  • Premium quality, at lower cost than other current products for the same routine use.
  • No additional growth factors or supplements needed for the cell culture.
  • Easy handling and time saving by skipping preparation of feeder cells or conditioned media
Technical information ;
  • Applicable area of interest: Embryonic stem cell and iPS cell research, stem cell biology, maintenance of undifferentiated hESCs and hiPSCs in feeder-independent conditions.
  • Cell type: Human Embryonic stem cells and human iPS cells
  • Serum Level: Serum-free
Ordering informaitons ;
1. K3980-500     Basal Medium(500ml) & 20 x Supplement(25ml)
2. K3980-5x100  Basal Medium(5 x 100ml) & 20 x Supplement(5 x 5ml)
   Note : StemEZ kit consists of a basal medium and a frozen 20xsupplement which is added at the time of use.
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