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[Aurion] Gold Sols


Aurion Gold Sols



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To prepare a high quality (immuno)gold conjugate it is important to have particles with uniform size and

highly adsorptive surfaces. The Aurion gold sols are prepared according to unique production protocols.

This provides for sol particles with the same narrow size distribution and adsorption properties as

employed in the Conventional Immunogold Reagents.




The preparation of conventional gold reagents is based on gold particles with a diameter suited for direct

electron microscopic visualization. Aurion offers a range of Conventional Immunogold Reagents which cover

the majority of approaches in transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

Aurion Gold Sols (solutions of high quality unconjugated gold particles) provide opportunities for users to

prepare conjugates with primary antibodies, ligands and other binding agents with the same particle

characteristics as in the Conventional Immunogold Reagents.



Product Description

AURION Gold Sols are prepared according to a unique protocol, warranting narrow size distribution and

reproducible adsorption characteristics.

The AURION gold sols are available in the same size range as the Conventional Immunogold Reagents: 6,

10, 15 and 25 nm. The particle population is monodisperse and thus shows minimal size variation and

overlap. Typically, the coefficient of variance for the 6 and 25 nm particle size sols is less than 12%, whereas

the 10 and 15 nm size sols show less then 10% variation. Actual lot specifications (size, variationand expiry

date) are indicated on the accompanying package insert.

Package size : 100 ml of high quality gold sol at an OD520nm of approximately 1.




Gold sols ready-to use for conjugation

For single and multiple labeling in electron microscopy

Gold particle sizes of 6, 10 , 15 and 25 nm

Monodisperse particle population

Minimal size variation and overlap

Coefficient of variance: <12% for the 6 and 25 nm particles and <10% for the 10 and 15 nm particles



Application Instructions

Detailed information for conjugate preparation and evaluation are provided in the package inserts.




AURION gold sols have a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months from the date of quality control analysis.

The products should be stored at 4-8°C.

Freezing is not recommended.



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Particle size and size distributions of the AURION Gold Sols















Instruction sheet (PDF)



Ordering informations

Catalog No.

Product Name



6 nm Gold Sol

100 ml


10 nm Gold Sol

100 ml


15 nm Gold Sol

100 ml


25 nm Gold Sol

100 ml



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