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[Aurion] Blocking Solutions


Blocking Solutions



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The signal-to-noise ratio determines the quality of any detection experiment. This ratio is in principle

determined by the characteristics of specimen and detection reagents. With adequate blocking and

incubation media, background reactions are minimized whereas specific reactions are not hampered.


Aurion has developed Blocking Solutions which effectively block ‘sticky’ surfaces by multi-point hydrophobic

and charge-based interactions. The Blocking Solutions are specifically designed to meet the characteristics

of each type of secondary conjugate.




The AURION Blocking Solutions are used to prevent immunoreagents from binding non-specifically to

specimens with “sticky” surface properties.


Procedures to eliminate background comprise three main steps:


1.To suppress residual aldehyde activity

2.To saturate multipoint hydrophobic moieties and positive charges with high molecular weight compounds   

   such as those present in the AURION Blocking Solutions

3.To reduce aspecific binding of immunoreagents caused by hydrophilic interaction with competing    

   molecules in the incubation and washing solution. AURION BSA-c™ is a particularly effective reagent

   for this purpose.


These steps should be balanced for optimum results.



Product Description

AURION Blocking Solutions are prepared using specially selected compounds. All ruminant proteins are

obtained from healthy livestock.


AURION Blocking solutions contain Bovine Serum Albumin and Cold Water Fish Skin Gelatine in phosphate

buffered saline with sodium azide as preservative. Normal serum may have been added as indicated on the

label. The blocking capacity of each lot is determined using a dot-spot test system as described by

Moeremans et al., J. Immunol. Methods 74, (1984), 353.

Each package contains 30 ml of solution. It accommodates 300 specimens for light microscopy at 100

µl/specimen (~ 3 drops), or 1000 EM grids at 30 µl/specimen (~ 1 drop).




• Ready-to-use solutions

• For immunohisto and -cytochemistry

• For immunogold detection systems

• For enzyme based detection systems

• For fluorescent detection systems

• Easy application with dropper bottle

• Economical use, no left-overs

• Tailored versions

• For EM grids and LM specimens

• For bio assays



Application Instructions

Detailed information is provided on the package inserts.



Electron Microscopy


On-Grid Labeling

Placing grids on top of drops of Blocking Solution arrayed on a sheet of Parafilm™ after

they have been treated for aldehyde inactivation.


Pre-embedding Labeling

Floating specimens in Blocking Solution, preferably on a rocking table.



Light Microscopy


-On-slide or -coverslip Labeling

Applying a few drops of Blocking Solution to cover the specimen.


-Bio Assays

Incubating specimens (e.g. immunoblot strips) in Blocking Solution on a rocking table in screw-cap

sealed disposable tubes.




Blocking Solutions are available in the following specificities:


• Serum-free : for use with Protein A and Protein G Gold conjugates.

• With Normal Goat serum: for use with reagents based on secondary antibodies raised in Goat.

• With Normal Rabbit serum: for use with reagents based on secondary antibodies raised in Rabbit.

• With Normal Sheep serum: for use with reagents based on secondary antibodies raised in Sheep.

• With Normal Donkey serum: for use with reagents based on secondary antibodies raised in Donkey




AURION Blocking solutions have a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of quality control analysis.

The products should be stored at 4-8°C. Freezing is not recommended.



Instruction sheet (PDF)



Ordering informations   

Catalog No.

Product Name



For Protein A/G immuno reagents

30 ml


For Goat A/G immuno reagents

30 ml


For Rabbit A/G immuno reagents

30 ml


For Sheep A/G immuno reagents

30 ml


For Donkey A/G immuno reagents

30 ml



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