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[Hypermol EK] VBS (vinculin activating peptide)


VBS (vinculin activating peptide)



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VBS (Vinculin activating peptide)



Protein / Peptide


Vinculin binding site of talin




Molecular mass




Protein description












Vinculin is autoinhibited by the head/tail interaction of the protein. This inhibition can

be released by several ligands, such as PIP2 and talin. VBS is a peptide which

derives from the C-terminal talin sequence and was shown to release the head/tail

interaction of vinculin by binding to the vinculin head (Vh). The vinculin molecule

opens and exposes e.g. ligand binding sites in the vinculin tail (Vt) region.

 PIP2 and actin binding have been shown to be mutually exclusive (Steimle et al.,

1999), while binding of VBS opens the vinculin molecule without impairing actin

binding (Bass et al., 2002). The activation of vinculin by talin to connect the actin

cytoskeleton to the plasma membrane is thought to be one of the key mechanisms

for focal adhesion assembly.

Actin interaction


Vinculin binding peptide to activate vinculin for actin binding.






Lyophilized, ready-to-use



200 µg



Ultrapure water. add 200 µl to obtain a 1mg/ml solution.



>99% by HPLC

Molar ratio for





A molar ratio of 30:1 (VBS:Vinculin) is required to open vinculin or metavinculin (Witt

et al., 2004). Hence, 100µg of VBS are sufficient to activate 133µg of vinculin at this

given molar ratio or less if higher excess is used .


Protein conc.


Determined by amino acid analysis


Storage instructions







VBS is stored at –70°C upon arrival and will be stable in performance for at least

6 months from the date of purchase. Solubilized peptide solution should be aliquoted

and refrozen. If kept on ice and it should be used within 2 weeks.

1-2 freeze / thaw cydle of aliquots is possible


Shipping conditions


At ambient temperature. Upon delivery store at -70°C.






For Use in Research only. Not for Use in Human or Veterinary Diagnostical or

Therapeutical Applications.




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VBS (vinculin activating peptide)

200 µg



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