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[Wako Pure Chemical] Endotoxin Extracting Solution for LAL Test
Endotoxin Extracting Solution for LAL Test
Conventionally, water or saline solution has been used to extract endotoxin in tests on medical devices and equipment.
However, the efficacy of this extraction method is now in question. This product is an endotoxin-free extracting solution (to be used in 1:20 dilution) containing human serum albumin (HSA), and capable of extracting endotoxins which cannot be extracted in water or saline solution. It is recommended that this product be used in particular for endotoxin testing
on equipment and devices which may come into contact with fluids containing blood or protein.
1. Prepare Endotoxin Extracting Solution
Dilute a single vial of the product (10 mL) into 190 mL of endotoxin-free water to a 1:20 concentration.
2. How to Use
Use a certain amount of the prepared endotoxin extracting solution and either add it to the sample, or dip the sample in it. Then, lightly agitate the solution and incubate it at room temperature for approx. one hour, whereupon it should be gently re-agitated and the extracted endotoxin measured.
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