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[Aurion] R-Gent SE-LM Silver Enhancement Reagents
For Light Microscopy and Bio Assays


Nanogold 라벨을 위한 R-Gent SE-LM Silver Enhancement Reagents

For Light Microscopy and Bio Assays



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The Immunogold Silver Staining technique (IGSS) finds application both at the electron microscope and the

light microscope level. In addition the technique is used to identify proteins or nucleic acids after blotting.


Light microscopical and macroscopical visualization of the latent gold signal requires an enhancement

system that renders a high contrast signal. Light insensitivity and negligible autonucleation are required for

ease of handling and low background. AURION R-Gent SE-LM is a two-component reagent that meets these





The silver enhancement reaction is based on the gold particle catalyzed reduction of Ag+ to metallic silver

using photographic developing compounds as the electron source. For light microscopy and immunoblotting

applications the generated silver signal should be of high contrast. Furthermore the signal should be

permanent and compatible with counterstaining.



The AURION R-GENT SE-LM components constitute a Silver Enhancement Reagent which increases the

average gold cluster or particle size by deposition of metallic silver facilitating detection at the light

microscopical level. The generated brown-black signal is also easily detected in bio assays and is

compatible with counterstaining in light microscopy. AURION R-GENT SE-LM has been tailored for the

enhancementof AURION Ultra Small Immunogold  reagents and is equally suited for the larger sized particles

in the AURION Conventional Immunogold reagents.


For enhancement, equal amounts of the DEVELOPER and ENHANCER are mixed well and applied to the

specimen. The enhancement mixture is easy-to-use, exhibits extremely delayed auto-nucleation and can

be used under standard laboratory light conditions. Typical enhancement times are between 15 and 30

minutes. Auto-nucleation becomes visible only after 40-60 minutes. Light microscopical specimens may be

counterstainedaccording to standard procedures. The enhancement mixture has a pH value of 8.3-8.5.


AURION R-GENT SE-LM is available as a kit in two unit sizes (2 x 30 ml or 2 x 250 ml) and consists of a

separate DEVELOPER and ENHANCER. The supplied amounts accomodate 600 and 5000 LM specimens

respectively at 100 µl/specimen, or 60 and 500 bio assay specimens at 1 ml/specimen. The reactivity is

tested on dot-spots and the absence of autonucleation is monitored by spectrophotometric techniques.



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   Left microscopy evaluation of tubulin labeling with Ultra

   Small Immunogold Reagents and silver enhancement.


   Upper panel: bright field mode

   Lower panel: epi-polarization mode







Light Microscopy


Slide or Coverslip labeling

A few drops of the freshly prepared enhancement mixture are applied to cover the specimen. During

enhancement the specimens are kept in a moist chamber. The ongoing enhancement may at intervals be

monitored with an inverted light microscope. When enhancement is judged to be complete, the specimens

are washed with distilled water. A fixation step with photographic fixer is not required.


Whole mount labeling

Specimens like floating (vibratome) sections can be enhanced in Petri dishes or 6-24 well plates.


Bio Assays

Depending on the type of assay the enhancement for bio assays can be performed in sealed plastic bags,

Petri dishes or in disposable screw cap sealed tubes.



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500.011 / 500.022

  R-Gent SE-LM Silver Enhancement Reagents

2 X 30 ml / 2 X 250 ml



 Instruction sheet (PDF)



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