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[Aurion] R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement Reagents
For Electron Microscopy


Nanogold 라벨을 위한 R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement Reagents

For Electron Microscopy



For most applications the detection of ultra small gold particles in electron microscopy requires a particle

enhancement procedure. Danscher’s method has always been the standard for this purpose and for a long

time attempts to improve the features of Danscher’s system met with only limited success.


The goal in the development of AURION R-Gent SE-EM was to create a new system with enhancement

efficiency and homogeneity at least comparable to Danscher’s method, but with reduced acidity and light

sensitivity. In addition, the reagents should have low viscosity for the suitability in pre-embedding

immunogold labeling.



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The silver enhancement reaction is a gold particle-catalyzed reduction in which silver ions are reduced to

metallic silver with a photographic developing compound as the electron source. In addition in many

applications a “protective colloid” is added to the enhancement solution to limit diffusion of reagents to the

gold particle surface, thus providing a means for controlling particle growth.



AURION R-Gent SE-EM is a high efficiency silver enhancement reagent for electron microscopy. It intensifies

the gold particles by homogeneous deposition of metallic silver on the particle surface. The resulting electron

dense signal is easily detected and is compatible with heavy metal counterstaining. The reagent has

extremely delayed auto-nucleation and can be used under standard laboratory light conditions. It also has

low viscosity, which is especially advantageous for pre-embedding immunogoldapplications.  The

enhancement mixture has a pH of 8.1-8.2.

AURION R-Gent SE-EM has been tested intensively for the enhancement of AURION Ultra Small Immunogold



AURION R-Gent SE-EM is available in a kit containing the following:

• 30 ml or 90 ml of ready-to-use ENHANCER,

• 3 ml of concentrated INITIATOR and

• 30 ml of ACTIVATOR.

• A 3 ml empty dropping bottle, labeled “DEVELOPER”.


The INITIATOR is a concentrated solution which must be diluted and activated before use, using the

ACTIVATOR. This resulting mixture is the DEVELOPER.

The now ready-to-use DEVELOPER has a shelf life of one month. It is suggested to prepare fresh

DEVELOPER at least every month.

The undiluted solutions have a shelf life of 10 months when stored at 4°C. INITIATOR can be stored at -20°C

for prolonged shelf life.

For enhancement 1-2 drops of DEVELOPER are mixed with 20 drops of ENHANCER. The typical

enhancement time is between 20 and 40 minutes. Specimens may be contrasted according to standard


The kit with 30 ml of ENHANCER accomodates up to 1000 EM grid specimens. The kit with 90 ml of

ENHANCER is suitable for pre-embedding immunogold labeling; the number of specimens it accomodates

depends on the volume of reagent used per specimen.

For each lot, the specific enhancement activity and level of autonucleation are monitored by

spectrophotometric techniques.



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Desmin labeling in heart muscle with Ultra Small Gold

conjugate and AURION R-Gent SE-EM.







  * Courtesy Prof. Dr. Müller Höcker, University Munich, FRG.



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500.033 / 500.044

  R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement Reagents

30 ml / 90 ml



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